April 16, 2021 – Moving in Our 70’s in a Time of Covid – Boxing It Up

Moving prep 04.16.21
Moving prep 04.16.21

I’d hoped to finish and post about my Paris painting (Lady in Paris 1889) I’d wrote about the 1st times I posted about our current move (Moving in Our 70s During Covid) – but, though I got to a nice stopping point, 1) there’s still a tiny bit I know I want to do, and, 2) none of the photos I took could pick up the few warm colors in the painting (very overcast w/occasional rains, see pic below).

The pic above is with my light meter adjusted to pick up more light, and the pic below is adjusted to see outside, which is closer to what it looks like right now.

Even with daylight bulbs overhead, still never got a good enough shot to post ’bout my Paris painting, but hopefully, if not tomorrow, then day after should be much more sun shiny, I hope 😊

Moving prep 04.16.21
Moving prep 04.16.21

A nice thing ’bout the cloudier days though is, I can see more clearly out the window at the new spring foliage, and our soon to be moved bird feeder – and it happened to be, as is most all day each day now that we’re in full spring springing to summer here in Austin, a bird was at the feeder.

You scan probably tell it’s “way” low on food, lol! A welcome chore to do later this evening ♥️

We’re gonna miss these little guys. They’re plenty resourceful, but the increasing urbanization, the changes in light patterns from us humans, all that, does make it harder and harder for them. And if they don’t make it..well, we don’t want that to happen ☺️

Moving prep 04.16.21 detail shot with bird
Moving prep 04.16.21 detail shot with bird

So is it my imagination, or is that little bird looking over at me to see if I’ll be adding more food, soon, to the feeder? 😊

Stay well everyone, and wish us continued good luck w/our move!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Awww, sorry you have to leave those birds behind. I hope whoever moves in will feed them, too. MOVING!!! Wow. So much stress, so much to do! I hope all goes smoothly and quickly, and that you’re settled in soon. (((hugs)))

    Liked by 1 person

    • You were so right, a week ago today, so much to do! But we’re finally settling in; thank you, Robin! Our bird friends, I feel, will have to find a different unit who’ll help provide for them, but there’s lots of good folk where we were who care for the creatures and nature ♥️


  2. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your new place, I hope the birds there will appreciate your gifts as much as the old ones! ☺ We have to fill our bird feeder every other day, they devour at least 2 cups of seed in that time, but we love watching them, it’s so relaxing! Hoping everything goes smoothly for your move!

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    • Thank you, Tiffany! We’re hoping we’ll be able to set up our feeder for them but in a way that still keeps the squirrels away, lol! Yes, after today’s post (reblog of another of Dianne Mize’s great tips) my daily posts’ll be of some aspect of our move; we’re down to a two day wire before the movers arrive, then the move, then two days clean up at the old place; but hope to post pics along the way 😊


  3. Best of luck in your new home Felipe. It’s an exciting part of your life, you’ll see, so savour each moment as it will create lovely memories. All he best to you. 😊💛🙋🏼‍♂️

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