April 20, 2021 – Moving in Our 70’s in a Time of Covid – Our 1st Peek of Our New Abode

Moving in slowly at our new apt 04.20.21
Moving in slowly at our new apt 04.20.21

Temporary as it may be, being something we don’t own, though all 3 homes Sheila and I’ve owned also turned out to be temporary, lol, this will be our view for the foreseeable future 😊

We had a hard time sleeping last night, overslept this morning, and I dashed this beginning part off earlier this morning, and hour and a half before needing to leave for our final-details signing in with the lady helping us move in at the complex and figured, well, if nothing else, I can get a picture, add it to the post, and have something to blog today!

Plans are to make two round trips with things we want to hand carry (today and tomorrow) before the movers arrive Thursday into an organized chaos of movement 😊

At the end of today’s two trips we want to go over to Lowes and have some indoor/outdoor carpet cut for the balcony then take it back and just set it in the apt ready for later.

I imagine this evening’ll be a glass of wine, a little TV and (like last night) a quick falling asleep into the future ♥️

A dear friend who’s very glad to see us back in our usual haunt of the city (closer to Lady Bird Lake) will help us with our 2nd trip later toady, then our youngest girl’ll help us tomorrow morning 💕

Moving in slowly at our new apt 04.20.21
Moving in slowly at our new apt 04.20.21

Take care everyone! Stay fresh with life! ☺️


ps, 8pm-ish
Tomorrow I’ll try and have some interior shots I took before our car load of boxes came in; another similar round of car loads tomorrow, then the “big” movers come Thursday; but right now, 5 min til 8pm, we’re very hopeful, and we’re calling it a day, quite a day ♥️

Tap to see on Twitter 😊
Tap to see on Twitter 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • I think we will, Tiffany, can really hear them in the mornings yet hardly see them; we’re gonna take our time putting up the feeder and bath, maybe some way they won’t create as much mess as before, lol! But we do love having something they like and seeing them come by ❤️


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