April 21, 2021 – Moving in Our 70’s in a Time of Covid – Catching the New Light at the New Apartment

Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.19.21
Lady in Paris 1889 detail ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.19.21
in Edit mode via iPhone

Looks like this temporary pattern of posting’ll have to hold for now – set up what the day should be like for our move in the morning, then add some pics & short commentary in the evening to show what resulted.

Most of what we took yesterday (Tue, the 20th) were boxed paintings, but one, the acrylic Lady in Paris 1889 which I’d been working on, chosen ’cause the paint would dry quickly minimizing smears & all that, lol, and that one, not too big, at 20×20, was super light, so I just hand carried it. I wish I’d taken a pic of it but we were so pressed to keep moving, and will again today, but will try to make time and take a quick phone camera pic of it. If so (succeeded, in cloudier light, detail at top), it’ll be the second posted image below, right beneath what it looked like 4 days ago, before the last details and highlights were add, on Saturday, April 17th.

Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.17.21
Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.17.21

Some of the warmer colors in the above version few days’ earlier version still weren’t showing up well, not enough good light, but with the final accents and highlights, and better light, the version below looks much closer to the original, which itself is still much softer and warmer — yesterday the light was sunny in the 80s, today the light for the shot was mostly overcast (even if still a north light) and in the upper 40s! Texas weather 😏

I’ll have a much fuller post on this work once we’re settled in, probably next week 😊

The image below is the shot I captured today with overcast cold north light —

Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.19.21
Lady in Paris 1889 ©Felipe Adan Lerma in progress 04.19.21

And this is the view of the apt with two days of our car loads of fragile or loose items we chose to shuttle over before the movers arrive tomorrow morning. Calm. Waiting.

Preparing our new space 04.21.21
Preparing our new space 04.21.21
Pictured, 3 Cups, circa ’83 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Tomorrow’s view, after the 3-man movers crew is done, will be more like rush hour – packed, lol!

Take care everyone! Art is where we can find it – most the time ☺️


ps, 9pm-ish
I logged in 17K+ steps today, most weight bearing; Sheila 10K+, most scuttling standing sorting.

Soon, a few days more, we can rest ♥️

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Thank you, Robin! Can’t wait to get a really super nice-light shot of Lady in Paris (having some very welcome rain last few days); and can say, today, Sheila & I decided tomorrow we “must” let the boxes sit and just enjoy the day ♥️

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    • I knew I hadn’t dreamed you’d mentioned that to me somehow, Tiffany, lol! Thank you! Yes, one of the 1st things I did once we brought a few pieces of art over. Still have many more to put up of course, but just having a few, nice nice nice 😊


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