May 09, 2021 – This Mother’s Day : The True Starting Point of the New Aquarian Age?

Had seen this some time back in a tweet and sent myself the link so I could find it again, not even thinking of it as a great pic for Mother’s Day at the time – it seemed then and seems now to encapsulate so much of the most sentimental, and thus probably truth laden, aspects for me about Mother’s Day – the caring, the complete trust of the child, the elegance and unity of the image style and coloration itself, all blending into an iconic moment. How much of these feelings are just guy feelings, I don’t really know, though I imagine there’s some to considerable overlap, lol! What did occur to me though was something I’ve thought of off and on through many years – how, after carrying then raising a child from within their own bodies, so much easily women see the waste and futility of wars and unnecessary violence. Granted, at ones time, in a time of live or die scarcity, vs the artificially restrained abundance of today, folks feared other folks not close to them, and terrible things happened. Or a madman took power and lost total perspective beyond himself, and terrible things happened. And all the while, women kept having and raising children, with mostly wonderful things happening between them and the children. Our children. Us. Maybe there’s more than a passing truth to the alternations of epochs, matriarchies and patriarchies, born of a natural extension of the universe within and around us. There are ages of external exploration and ages of internal exploration. And of course the rebalancing decades (centuries) between them. And much like the way color in art apparently shimmers when contrasting intensities (which is not the same as the importance or value of any color) share space side by side, that’s the way human evolution, maybe all evolution and formations of stars and galaxies occur. Maybe there’s more than a curious reason my wife is Aquarius sun to my own Aquarian moon. And my own mom is my polar opposite – and thus compliment – on my solar wheel. And nature makes sure there’s more girls than boys born. Maybe, maybe not – but I think so. And for those ladies, my daughters in particular, whose astrological connections to me I don’t know, I imagine, at the very least, they add the variety of love and caring that often makes life a feast! Beyond that, more and more, as I age and see the evolving nascent conflicts to come between us random chance human beings and genetically “improved” generations, plus the pitting of us (whoever that’ll be) vs human-android mixtures, and finally vs human-created pure AI life forms – I see the need for the pure seed of today’s woman. The inclusive empathy-eyeing woman. Maybe this Mother’s Day, more than any before it, at least from my perspective and point in time, is the tipping point, the true entering, of the new Aquarian Age. We all, I believe, have a part in helping that happen. In our own ways, our own time, our own owning of Mother’s Day ♥️

Stay well everyone!


ps – as for us guys, and maybe feeling we’ll be left behind, we should remember, there’s seldom been a male dominated period where a woman wasn’t in the shadows, as important to the visible lead as society at the time felt that man was, and I imagine the same will hold true going forward 😊

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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