May 07, 2021 – Reblog/Review : Luminosity in Watercolor via Dianne Mize

Luminosity in Watercolor via Dianne Mize
Luminosity in Watercolor via Dianne Mize

As usual, what’s especially nice about Dianne Mize’s relatively short Quick Tip YouTube videos, is not only the amount of information she relays to us, but how she relays it, generously giving examples both on her palette and her painting paper of what she’s discussing – in this case, creating a sense of luminosity with watercolors (vs oils).

There’s so many variables covered, like cooling ripples in a wading pool in summer (yes, feels like that already here in Austin, lol!) – I’ll only say that contrasts and blendings, each involving variable uses of water with pigment, are a key element.

Again, how it’s done, so simply it seems when Dianne demonstrates it ❤️ – is what’s key.

And as Dianne often points out, these are all then steps to then test one’s own creative appetite.

There’s only basics, and then lots and lots of choices of one’s own making for one’s own preferences.

I particularly like that approach for learning!

Dianne also again reminds us, as she’s done in her previous watercolor tips —

With watercolor, water is white….

Dianne Mize

Btw, her captioned quote in my header image from her video is in reference to a previous video about luminosity, but with oils 😊

My series of posts featuring Dianne tips, suggestion and videos are at –


Thanks so much everyone! Stay healthy, be creative! ♥️


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