June 27, 2021 – Sun and Clouds Sang Dappled Light to Me – Barton Springs Greenbelt, Austin Texas, Part 2

Dappled light on Violet Crown Trail at Barton Creek Greenbelt 06.25.21 @Felipe Adan Lerma

Today I want to expand on an image I presented in my last post, showing how quickly the light can change and, more importantly, how it can change the impact of what is seen, at least for me 😊

The time stamp shown via my screen shots from my photo files shows all 3 of the above pics captured within only 3 minute!

I was really disappointed til I got the idea maybe it’d be good to show this – the quickness of the light, and the varying visual impact 😊

There’s something to be said, in terms of mood and attractiveness, about each of the 3 presentations, especially using different colors and texture; but for now, my current preference is definitely for learning to apply (paint) with more of the dappled look.

In the 2000s, in oil, I did paint a few works in what I have in mind, and looking back at them now (the one with the white kitty is always in or near our dining area), I realize now why folks seem to like these so much!

I’ll have more images of how the light changes next post, but for now, I’ll finish with a gorgeous photo of the light and a lady & her dog who graciously posed for me to get this shot – my sincere thanks! ❤️

Katie & Rita playing at Barton Creek Greenbelt 06.27.21
Katie & Rita playing at Barton Creek Greenbelt 06.27.21

Next post I’ll have a couple more examples of the dappled light disappearing (or appearing) & the difference it makes, plus another sample of one of my original oils that also more or less accidentally, or at least not consciously, captured a moment in oil of dappled light ♥️

Stay creative everyone – keep learning! It Sure helps me!
Even at 70! 😊 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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