August 07, 2021 – The Resurgence of COVID-19 : The Austin Chronicle, “Vaccine or Ventilator? You Decide”

The Austin Chronicle, "Vaccine or Ventilator? You Decide"
The Austin Chronicle, “Vaccine or Ventilator? You Decide”

A few days ago I posted some dire TV screen headlines via KVUE news here in Austin

Things have only intensified, as even a quick read of the Austin Chronicle’s article will show.

The 1st sentence reads, “Only 14 staffed intensive care unit beds were available in hospitals in and around Austin as of Monday, Aug. 2, for more than 2.3 million Central Texans who, at any moment, might need them for lifesaving medical care.”

And I’m experiencing first hand having someone extremely close to me, my 94 year old mother, catch covid. Whether she will make it at this point is still very uncertain. What is fairly certain is, since she never ventured out, and the few people usually around her were vaccinated, someone picked up the variant. Even a few weeks ago, most of us, myself included, had little fear, since we were vaccinated, we would catch the virus. That appears to have been terrible wrong, thinking we were not only immune, but probably not susceptible to catching the virus, of any variation, to begin with.

But vaccinated totals far below optimum in our state, too many unvaccinated folks are getting sick and are passing it along to those of us who are.

I don’t know what the answer is, getting folks to vaccinate, like we do against so many infectious diseases that folks in my generation saw friends in elementary school disappear and never return, and learned to trust in the science, as best as possible.

That’s why I thought this headline from our city’s Austin Chronicle maybe put it best.

It’s just a fact of what’s happening, thus —

Choose, ventilator, or vaccine?

I hope we all make the right decisions, for ourselves, our loved ones, and all our fellow citizens depending on each other not to speed, not to drink and drive, and not to needlessly spread or die of Covid-19.

Take care everyone ♥️


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