August 15, 2021 – The Resurgence of COVID-19 : The Austin Chronicle, “ICU Bed Availability Drops to All-Time Low”

COVID-19 Update: ICU Bed Availability Drops to All-Time Low, Austin Chronicle
COVID-19 Update: ICU Bed Availability Drops to All-Time Low, Austin Chronicle

The day after a wrenching if beautiful funeral and burial tribute for my 94 year old mom, infected with covid and other ills of being elderly, I read this grim statistic for where we live, Austin; and apparently true for most of the state of Texas.

That she lived her life fully belies the somewhat separate issue of a dire situation affecting basically the bulk of our state and (more and more) the rest of our country – we are losing people we love without a need for this to be so.

The Austin Chronicle puts it thus (emphasis’ via the Austin Chronicle) —

By the time you’re reading this, there’s a chance there are no more intensive care unit beds available in the Central Texas region. As of Monday, Aug. 9, the Department of State Health Services reported an all-time low of only two such beds available for Trauma Service Area O, which includes the five-county Austin metro area and six neighboring counties.

An overview of the conflicting competing directives and mandates playing out in a game of life and death in Texas are detailed.

It is beyond frustrating for me to repeat them.

But it is essential that those of whose lives are on the line because of this surge and confusion of how to deal with it to have an idea where we need to go from, and to, in regard to vaccinations and where the sources of continued infections are coming from – so I hope you’ll give this relatively short but detailed post a look.

It could help you decide how and from which direction you want your voice heard.

Take care everyone ♥️ Please stay well so others can also 💕


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    • Thank you, Cindy! It’s frustrating what’s happening in our state, and tragic my mom died of a disease we 1st didn’t realize vaccinated people could still carry (my mom was too compromised for a vaccine). She fought valiantly as she could ❤️ What our state is doing, or not doing, did not help ☺️ Take care, Cindy, stay well!


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