September 23, 2021 – Walking in Dappled Light Study 1, #Watercolor on Paper, Masking Fluid Removed

Walking in Dappled Light Study 1, Masking fluid removed, #Watercolor on Paper @Felipe Adan Lerma September 2021
Walking in Dappled Light Study 1, Masking fluid removed, #Watercolor on Paper @Felipe Adan Lerma September 2021

There’s a lot I like about how this looks with the masking fluid gone (removed prev night and slept on the shock of seeing the changes, lol!) – which doesn’t mean though I’m not looking at what to try to improve how I feel about this work 😊

Initially, 1st impression, I was determined to restore & “correct” some of the changes —

  • add “a lot” of the missing pigments on her hair, arms (right arm esp) & upper right leg and ankle
  • balance the abstract coloring either side of her
    1. adding color back on the left side, or
    2. subtracting color on her right side
  • add to or adjust the abstract color tones on her sides to match closer

Overnight, with time to think and dream about it, what I’m gonna try to do is…

…leave all as-is except for the larger sun dapple on her back.

I’m going to try and soften the the large dapple mid-center on her back, but only on the edge running top to left side bottom.

That runs contrary to the sharper abstract shapes to her left, but I think I’d like to give a softer transition on that upper large white dapple to her hair and head, where the dapples are more intense in terms of edges, and draw/keep my attention to her there – apparently focussed on her trek, immersed in her surroundings.

I think I was somewhat lucky with this rendition, and have several more 9×12 line art print outs to work on again later, with differing colors and her surroundings also modulated differently, but no idea how right now, lol!

And regarding being lucky, I’ll take it! 🙏 😊


That’s it for now; we’re enjoying having the 8 year old over – took him to an outdoor semi-kids festival where all the “vendors” were age 5 & up showing/selling stuff they’d made; what a treat; hope to have a post on this soon; meanwhile has pics etc here – ❤️

Stay well everyone! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. I do find the masking fluid gives harsh effects when used on white paper.(I use it in already painted passages and the effects, I think, are better.) In this case I would dab my painted area with a tissue to regain the highlights, that way you get a much softer effect.

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