October 06, 2021 – Abstract Study 1 Turns Out to be A Nice Pattern for Gifts @FineArtAmerica!

Though, as per my recent blog post, of how I “messed up” this small 9×12 watercolor on paper, I also realized, after seeing it propped up in my art room, half crumpled, that the design itself was still decent!

So I digitally cleaned it up and uploaded it onto Fine Art America, where I’d sometimes lament I don’t have as many designs as I’d like, for their incredible array of products they print on and sell – I could see right away – this is a nice design for quite a few of those products.

As a matter of fact, my short descriptive text @FineArtAmerica reads —

Rivers, canyons, space – the mind finds images in what the heart is feeling.


Here are 4 product samples for this short post I hope you’ll like 😊

It’s interesting too, to see how the product-shapes themselves create selected variations of the overall design and image —

The originating full image, for the detail crop (also available on Fine Art America) is below.

Paintings of mine, like this, I’m hoping, are a great source of inspiration for me to find segments I can create new paintings from —

And though I messed up the painting for this design, I’m glad I tried it – and – know now some things not to try on paper, lol!

Thanks so much everyone! Stay well! 🙏


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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Fine Art America (FAA, Pixels) – https://felipeadan-lerma.pixels.com/


  1. […] — Felipe Adan Lerma (@FelipeAdanLerma) October 10, 2021 Direct link to blog post about my products with this abstract design –https://felipeadanlerma.com/2021/10/06/october-06-2021-abstract-study-1-turns-out-to-be-a-nice-patte… […]

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    • Ahhaha, yes, very true, Graham – sometimes that works well (masking fluid for my sig), sometimes, well, that’s the painting process; sometimes, more so in acrylic work, I carve out my name in the molding paste, then usually paint color into the cut 😊

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