October 04, 2021 -Accidentally Wrecking One of My Painting Efforts (Abstract Study 1) Helped Focus Me

Abstract Study 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 9x12 watercolor on paper Sept 2021
Abstract Study 1 ©Felipe Adan Lerma 9×12 watercolor on paper Sept 2021

How the creative wreck happened to happen –

It’s hard to tell from the photo above of an aborted abstract study I tried recently – my phone deciding to take a better picture than usual on a 1st try, lol! – but, it is a wreck!

Actually, I accidentally wrecked it, mostly because I surged forward wanting to do too much too quickly with too much paint & masking fluid, on paper – and – not enough patience to have thought this out 😏

In my own defense, some of those “too much’s” I didn’t realize were too much! 😊


  • way too much masking fluid for paper, even 140 lb quality paper
  • even more way too much paint, again for paper

And other things were also the stuff of too much, but too much of me pushing to do too much, lol! Like,

  • pushing to even start a 2nd painting the same day I’m finish another, plus putting in time for fitness, blog, eating, and, oh yes, very important, down time!
  • and, pushing to, while working on watercolor figure & floral studies, also start a new abstract studies series – esp the same day 😏
  • plus, pushing myself to figure out canvas series of paintings to accomodate fuller expressions of both the figure/floral studies and abstract studies 😰


Did I mention the how/what/whatever about my abstract studies idea?

No? Well, that’ll probably be another post, lol! But, it has to do with using portions of my own non-abstract work, and create new work. That’s how this “study” was started, from a detail shot of one of my non-abstract paintings I’d liked enough to have uploaded to Fine Art America (see below). I’ll talk a lot more ’bout all that when I do a dedicated post on this, assuming I still go forward with the idea, which despite swearing I wouldn’t when I trashed the header image-painting, I probably will 😊

My goal was to use the detail shot as a starting point for a new yet related painting, following the template of the original to start, deviating as the creative impulse pulsed, yet also incorporating new things I’m trying, like masking fluid etc 😊

The full original painting where the detail itself came from is below —

Did I mention how exactly I trashed this paper study in-progress?

Well – I was hurrying, ’cause I’d already spent the morning working on another painting, and I was tired, probably cause I’m a little too old to be burning candles on both ends, lunch was ready, I needed to use the restroom, I had ear plugs on w/music – and – the big no-no (ask Sheila) I had a really nice, large glass of iced tea near my palette…

And I stood up…

The paper study painting lurched forward from the easel from the weight of too much paint (I hadn’t taken the time to tape the paper down to a substrate), I lurched for painting, knocked over the tea, yanked my iPhone off the easel since when I stood I pulled the ear plug cords to far, smeared paint from the over-turned painting onto my bare foot (gotta be comfortable at home), and felt the ice tea soak my short my painting the rug and, my ego 😢

Lesson learned. No. Lessons learned! 😊



I’ll end this longer-than-I-expected post with a reminder I’d mentioned top of the post that this was the 2nd project I’d taken on that morning. So what was, or is, that 1st project?

Well, all I can say is, I hope to show you it, it’s beginning anyways, my next post! But, will say, it’s working title is, Girl on Bicycle Study 1, is set on the Barton Springs Greenbelt trail, and (of course) involves masking fluid ❤️ 😊

Stay well! Experiment, but maybe most times in moderation, lol!

Thanks so much everyone! 🙏


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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Fine Art America (FAA, Pixels) – https://felipeadan-lerma.pixels.com/


    • Still can’t believe how I much I toppled and damaged in that one movement of standing up from the chair, lol! Miracle sunflower survived enough to at least have its picture taken, lol! Thanks, Robin ❤️


  1. Some of my worst accidents turned into my favorite paintings! I know what you mean about using too much on paper, I’ve been doing that working in my sketchbook, I have to remember it’s only paper! I also try to remember Bob Ross, just happy little accidents! 😊🎨

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  2. Oh I feel your pain…taking on too much and trying to hurry….sound familiar!! I think a lot of us do that and just need to take a step back and a deep breath. As you described the flight of the ice tea and what you were going through at the time, I so could identify!! Love your work!!

    Liked by 1 person

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