October 18, 2021 – A Good Problem, Lots of Interesting Pics and Posts Developing in My Blog Pipeline! Part 3, 1st Completed Work of 5 – “Playtime, Mother and Child”

Playtime, Mother and Child ©Felipe Adan Lerma, finished Oct 2021
Playtime, Mother and Child ©Felipe Adan Lerma, finished Oct 2021

In Parts 1 & 2 of this short series – A Good Problem – about finding myself with a surge of in-progress works I’d love to bring to completion, meaning I’ll love the way they look or make me feel, or, preferably both 😊

I’m also breaking a bit of tradition in terms of my routine and going ahead and posting my completed image, not as good a resolution etc as I’d like (yet), and also not yet uploaded to Fine Art America.

It’s simply a time choice. Paint and create. Or paint less but massage the photo capture & upload to FAA more.

It’s not really a win-lose thing. I want to configure the best capture and presentation of my art as possible, and I want to upload them to Fine Art America and hopefully sell lots of prints and products with my image on them, lol!

So here’s a new 18×24, all acrylic on canvas on Golden Light Molding Paste, with a side by side view of how it looked initially and now —

What changed is not just more color, but refining and defining the 2 abstracted figures just enough to justify the title, which reflected what the raw 1st laying looked like to me.

I also again found myself wanting to leave a pale or white border around the image, almost a vignette feel, though nothing more concrete consciously in my intent at this time. Leaving a pale or white area around the image appeals to me, and I’ll figure out why more and more over time. Meanwhile, I’m working if and how I might could plan ahead in my painting work to allow for that space to be there from the start, not having to work backwards cleaning up that edge, and seeing it be there much cleaner. I’m tinkering with that now on a new work-in-progress that’s nothing but white paint and light molding paste!

I’d like that round the whole painting edging to be uniformly slightly uneven, jaggedity, but also blendie/fade-y. Not to much to ask, lol!

I’m also getting some white frames soon and will see how that does or doesn’t set the painting off even better.

By that time I’ll have done up a better resolution capture to upload to Fine Art America, I’ll have links to it, I’ll have one or more macro shots of the texture and/or color gradations, I’ll have a shot of it framed, and I’ll have a nice stand-alone post for all that 🤞 😊

One last thing, “Playtime, Mother and Child” was fully intended to be a full abstract, sorta like my wrecked watercolor on paper that’s been my most viewed on Fine Art America 2 weeks running (Abstract Study 1), sorta like it in the sense it wasn’t supposed to have a figure (or 2) in it. But once I did the initial lay-in, there they were, 2 vague but discernible figures, one very young, and one probably feeling very young at heart – what all that’ll mean for me in the long run, is probably kinda like why I like the soft-rough vintage white bordering on the canvas around my painting, meaning, it’s gonna have to be something I’ll figure out in time ❤️

Take care everyone! If you have a good problem, the challenge is to go ahead and enjoy it 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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