October 20, 2021 – Sold! At the Old Bakery and Emporium (across from the State Capital) Austin, Texas – Paris Dreams (Dreaming of Paris)

Paris Dreams, alternately also titled, Dreaming of Paris, is a small 5×7 experimental watercolor on panel covered with Golden’s absorbent ground, then coated with a fixative when finished.

Paris Dreams (Dreaming of Paris) was also one of my early figure works with the Eiffel Tower, a pattern I’ve continued with a few other works, but which, eventually, I’m sure I’ll want to do more of ❤️

Other Paris / figure works art combos include, Lady in Paris 1889, Daydreams of Paris, Wishing from Afar Paris, Arm Chair View Paris, and Spring Night in Paris. Our now 8 year old grandson remarked recently, “You sure like Paris.” 😊

And my Paris related blog posts (art, travel, photography) over the last decade can be seen here at –


I am very grateful to my buyer at the Old Bakery & Emporium in Austin Texas! 🙏

With as few months as the Old Bakery’s been reopen, and all the precautions needed to be taken recently here in Austin, it’s a miracle to be able to share my art a this time 💕

Here’s some good links and info about the Old Bakery —

Old Bakery & Emporium, Lundberg-Maerki Historical Collection, City of Austin page http://austintexas.gov/page/lundberg-bakery
Old Bakery & Emporium, Lundberg-Maerki Historical Collection, City of Austin page http://austintexas.gov/page/lundberg-bakery

The Old Bakery itself has new hours —

Wed-Fri 10-6
Sat 12-5

But their phone # 512-974-1300 has stayed the same 😊

My blog posts featuring or including the Old Bakery & Emporium over several years now –

Stay well everyone! One can do so much more healthy! ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/2YpgyUf
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        • So true! Their channels of feeling etc are sill so pure ❤️ I still remember, fairly vividly, maybe 2nd or 3rd grade? Spreading colors like orange and gold across whatever it was we painted on back then, lol! I was mesmerized by how the light sparkled across the top of the colors as I spread it 💕

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            • That’s wonderful! Some of my best memories doing art was in elementary school, over several years; never got to after that, though I played an instrument all through jr hi. Sounds your school was really special, I remember you talking a little about it before – thanks, Dolly! ♥️

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              • I did like trumpet a lot, coronet felt to tight to me, my arms were always long for my size, lol! So did you have favorites you liked to play? When I finally learned to read sheet music, and’d found this little newsstand downtown Houston (in those days when downtowns had fun places to explore), being by then 14+ (ie, near 15), I remember being kinda love-sick over some cute girl & so gravitated to Paul’s slower love songs ☺️

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              • I played piano since the age of 4 (as did most Odessa girls, talent or no talent), so sheet music was not problem, but this kind of music was forbidden in Soviet Russia, so sheet music was not available. Western music had to be gotten hold of to listen to and then played by ear. My favorite song was – and still is! – ‘Yesterday’ because of its rich harmony.

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              • Wow, what an incredible experience growing up like that, Dolly! Only thing I played by ear was my version of faux-jazz, lol! Yesterday is such a beautiful song; I think it was Michelle that when I played the sheet music I realized I wouldn’t be able to play what I most wanted on the trumpet, but I still enjoyed it ❤️ So glad you are here in the US with us now, even with all its problems 💕

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              • My experience was pretty common for a girl in Odessa in those times, dear Felipe. Some of the experiences of people growing up in America look incredible to me. For instance, had I been here in the 60’s, I would’ve undoubtedly been hanging out around Andy Warhol, while going to The Doors concerts. I would’ve been in the thick of those artistic movements, instead of producing comedy shows on Russian TV.

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              • Amazing how different our lives can/could have been. I always told my dad I was so grateful for moving us from south Texas to Houston in the early 50s ❤️ So, what is this about producing comedy shows in Russia 😊

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              • I started writing professionally (i.e. getting paid for it) while still in college, at the age of 17. First it was newspaper, then a more serious newspaper, where I covered arts and cultural events of the city, and then TV, where I was writing and producing weekly satirical 30-minute series, as well as monthly 1 1/2 hour shows featuring prominent comedians who were showcased in some kind of a plot I had to come up with. That was lots of fun, or would’ve been, if every word, image, and even musical note hadn’t had to be approved by the party censorship department.
                And what was in Houston in the early 50s?

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              • Wow! And this was all before the USA? Did people still enjoy or try to enjoy the final product (mild entertainment better than none etc?) Omgosh, Houston in the early 50s was a switch from being raised in a tiny town (Brownsville, tinier then than now, lol!) where even living in town was like living in the country, ie, lots of yard, easy for my mom to walk me to church; so Houston was like this place with tons of people to relate to and strange buildings with lots of lights everywhere. Prejudice was much more in your face back then, though I only knew it as what my mom & dad called it, bad people, never a particular color or group; so we had to “suddenly” move a few times. Meant nothing to me then, too young (born in ’50), other than my mom tossing our stuff in the front yard for when my dad came home so we could go somewhere else. But we always went to somewhere else, in Houston, and tried again. There were a few places where the neighbors seemed to like us. I “think” they were Anglo, but I never differentiated folks from Anglo to Hispanic to black to anything else. Just people. I was lucky. My mom and dad never alluded to another “people” of any kind ‘cept good or bad, and I was never aware of color, skin tone, language choice or even gender as being the reason. Just good, or bad, lol!

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              • Having been an object of discrimination and persecution for two thousand years, I understand what you are talking about and completely agree with your attitude, dear Felipe.
                One of the most famous comedians, after being heavily censored, came on stage and simply walked across it in front of the audience. I was there, and I will never forget the dead silence! Everybody understood the message.

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              • What an incredible moment, Dolly! I was beat up a bit through junior high, by both Hispanics & whites, cause I guess I was just enough of the “other” to a very few members of each group, but not much after that. But never felt pointed out like what you mean. I think I was just thick or dumb or something. I had play friends I later realized were Jewish, and their dads would warn them to be careful around me, with me being there hearing it, but I think I just smiled, cause wasn’t that what most parents said anyways 😊 Your experience was oh so much in your face; breaks my heart to hear that happening then, and still happening now. It’s silly and dangerous and unnecessary for folks to have to feel against another human being for reasons like that. You were very brave, Dolly. I was just unaware of the whys, even when directed at me, for a very very long time ♥️


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