Adan’s Newest Art Upload to Fine Art America – Paris Dreams (Watercolor on Absorbent Ground) Uploaded 12.11.20

Paris Dreams is an early result of beginning with a color that appealed to how I felt that day that moment, violet, applied abstractly, then gave it another stab at developing a figure. My earlier female figure watercolors, though I like them, were still not as fluid as I wanted to express. At least, even if not entirely within just watercolors – my line work looked promising 😊

My uploads to Fine Art America (FAA) are running nearly a dozen images behind what I’ve produced. An unusual situation, probably because I’ve been working small-scale. Right now I’ve tailed off some from my figure work, loosening back up with some semi-abstract landscapes (some with a bit of figure work within them).

But all this fits in with the beginning of this new series of current uploads to FAA.

My other Fine Art America series, Adan’s Fine Art America Images, is a slow progression of all my uploaded images to my site there – but – from the beginning, starting April of 2016 and working forward! With nearly 900 images (art, photography, digital) presented and growing, it’d be a very long time before I got to Paris Dreams, lol!

As I mention in the “About” section nearer the end of the post, this way I can both chronologically present my older uploads and work – and – introduce my newer work. A good idea I hope pans out 😊

Especially if – one day – when I actually catch up to today’s image and give it the same multi-year perspective I’m now being able to give my images uploaded nearly 5 years ago!

I think I’ll be very interested in knowing what I think of my own current work then myself, lol!

Thanks everyone! Stay creative! ❤️

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About my “Adan’s Newest Art Upload to Fine Art America” Series

Knowing myself somewhat, I knew I had to feel I had a good enough reason for me to begin this new series to keep me at it, lol!

As I developed my already ongoing series of posts of images at Fine Art America, Adan’s Fine Art America Images, and saw what a slow progression it was reviewing all my images uploaded to my site at FAA, beginning with my 1st upload April of 2016 (currently nearly 900 art, photography, digital images, I realized I needed this new series if I wanted any kind of coherent progression to my “new” work blog posts 😊

What I didn’t realize until very recently though, until I began to see the pattern of my reviews of my work uploaded from nearly 5 years ago, was the time perspective I now had, and which the reviews themselves – of my own work! – helped me see. Not a bad surprise benefit! ❤️

I’m now anticipating that, years from now possibly, the same will occur in regard to my newer work currently being produced and uploaded to Fine Art America!

Plus, I’ll have a written account of my perspective now toward this same work then from which to remind myself and compare. Should be interesting – I’m “almost” afraid to see what I’ll perceive of my current work then, lol!

But even now, reviewing my older work in my older series, I see both 1) things I could have done better or improve on, and, 2) things I may have forgotten about I really liked and could maintain more often. That’s an amazing and unexpected thing to benefit from in my now 70th year 💕

Wishing everyone all the best,

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enjoy 😊

Midnight in Paris

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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