November 29, 2021 – Fine Art America News : “Easy Morning” and “Walking in Light” Featured in Art Groups + Sold a “If Dads Were” Coffee Cup

Both figures in the painting above and below are watercolors, though, Easy Morning is all watercolor on absorbent ground.

Walking in Light’s paint, around the figure below, is acrylic; both the watercolor figure and remainder of my painting done on Golden’s Light Molding Paste. Golden has evidently been at improving acrylics a long time, as I learned in this post (with links to Golden’s article), and I can say that for me, working on their molding paste, in watercolor and acrylic, is a real treat!

Easy Morning was featured in Fine Art America’s artist group, Bedroom Art Gallery.

And Walking in Light was featured in Fine Art America’s artist group, Impressionism.

These were both featured earlier (November) this month, and may or may not still be on either of the two groups’ featured page, but I highly recommend browsing the groups’ images from the other artists. It’s fun, and it can be quite inspiring – lot of great diverse work being done!

Fine Art America artist groups are a good way for a participating artist to get more exposure and see similar themed work that oneself would also like. There’s usually quite a bit of promotional opportunities, which I used to take more advantage of, and which I’m hoping to do so again as I hone in on the type of images I want to feature on Fine Art America.

I began, just wanting to share and show the “stuff” I did creatively.

Still do of course, but am becoming more targeted —

Especially what I like to create ❤️

Walking in Light ©Felipe Adan Lerma, watercolor figure on acrylic landscape on light molding paste over canvas -
Walking in Light ©Felipe Adan Lerma, watercolor figure on acrylic landscape on light molding paste over canvas –


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Featured in Fine Art America’s artist group Impressionism,–.html

I plan on doing more posts about Fine Art America’s artist groups, sharing what I learn. One thing I can say, the administrators of the groups I’ve been honored to be featured in, are fellow artists and actively work to promote the artists in the group and our art. I’ll also try to relay some of that type of promotional activity on future posts about the groups.

The number of groups is vast, and I’d become “too” involved for awhile, and couldn’t keep it up. As I become more focussed on my work, and see which work I’d really like to have seen more, I should be able to focus a few groups, and benefit myself and the group better ☺️

Meanwhile, below, is a rare gift writing sale I had in November, a coffee cup with my family poem, If Dad’s Were… , on it 🙏

My coffee cup sale of “If Dad’s Were”, written in the mid 1990’s, is a real treat. I still have a great memory of reading it at a local poetry group meeting in Galveston in the late 1990s, and folks asking me how I came to write it. My answer, I just tried to think of images that reminded me of my dad ❤️

I wish I could add more info about the artist groups on Fine Art America, but as I ease back into being active in a few, I’ll be sure and relay that via my blog.

One thing I can add is, viewing the other artists’ work in similar fields as mine (Impressionism, abstract, figures, paintings) – one can gain a good sense of how diverse the work being created can be for any one genre. That in itself, for me, is “very” encouraging 👍 😊

Stay well everyone! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving & hope we all have a great holiday season! 💕


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Summer is a Lady ©Felipe Adan Lerma - watercolor on paper with line art
Summer is a Lady ©Felipe Adan Lerma – watercolor on paper with line art
Fine Art America

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