January 01, 2022 – Happy New Year!

If you’re seeing this post, you made it to 2022, lol!

I got myself ready for the new year activating things I didn’t want to wait to “intend” to do, kinda my New Year resolutions put into motion so I’d at least start with some of them in place!

One of those was re-using my New Years Eve post header image from yesterday, but that’s ok, it’s new so it’s got some crossover-years-miles on it 😊

In no particular order then, other than how I remember them, lol, these are which ones I do remember ☺️

  • Set up an appt to audition 3 of my newer pieces at a nearby gallery I’d shown at once, pre-pandemic, and pre-watercolor / acrylic styling. Art for the People is a nice airy well-lit well-run locally run gallery that thankfully we’re living close to again; hoping to show staff my 3 pieces next weekend 🤞 The painting in the pic in the post I linked to above is one of my last oils & has a figure in set in a Paris street, via one of my 2012 photos last time we were fortunate to visit Paris 🇫🇷
  • Re-join Creative Arts Society (CAS) after letting my membership lapse beginning of the pandemic. This Austin artists group has been able to re-establish showing live art at a variety of local spots like restaurants, hair salons, public libraries and even one of the state colleges the north side of town. Fees are paid, and delivering a new piece, Mother and Child, to one of our favored restaurants our side of town, ie, close enough to drive to and enjoy 🍴 😊 CAS also had featured me as their May Artist of the Month 2020, so I’m honored to be able to return and get a new start 🙏 Below is my tweet on May 02, 2020 ( flower is a watercolor & sea/landscape an oil ) —
  • Sheila and I also restarted our daily exercise routine new year’s eve, starting with a taped class via Essentrics by Miranda Esmonde-White on PBS. This is one we really didn’t want to intend to start New Years Day, but rather have started it – yay! But yeah, we may need some encouragement and reminding, lol! She’s a former ballerina who worked herself back to health after a career ending injury, and I absolutely love her balanced dance-like routines where simple things like reaching an arm up always also involves the legs, the other arm, movement, and usually a light twist, all followed by a sweep in the other direction – and – slowly enough we can do it ♥️
  • I would add working on continuing my painting, experimenting, searching, and sometimes feeling I got a good one, lol! But – I’m doing it – double yay! yay!
  • Lastly, last I can remember anyways 😏 is to follow through with some dr appts for possibly (probably?) another major surgery like those back in 2019. This is for something different and something I’ve lived with over a half a century, a deviated septum, plus, the inner bone structure of my nose. My wife says she likes the idea of a new nose for me 😊 and I’d really like to breathe less laboredly, plus, as I’ve learned from reading about breathing, more consistently (being able to) through my nose vs my mouth. I’ve a sequence of various doctors and visits to get to the “let’s-do-it” stage, but I think it’s a good necessary thing. This, I definitely want well wishes, lol!

I won’t list “having fun” ’cause that shouldn’t be a goal, but yeah, sometimes I forget it’s not only “ok” to have fun, we need fun in our lives 😂 😊

With that, I wish all of us all the best in this new year, 2022.

We need it! And I know we want it!

Stay well everyone! 💕


ps – I shoulda added my also-just-started project of finding a way to list my paintings for folks to see and go through and consider purchasing, but I forgot, lol! Here’s my most recent post and the “very slow” progress I’m making (last few days I went through the 1st proposed gallery, watercolors, updating availability and other general useful info 😊
December 29, 2021 – I’m (slowly) Creating a Product Page for Folks to See and Buy My Paintings – 1st Concrete Step : Create Target Galleries on #FineArtAmerica

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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/2YpgyUf
Fine Art America (FAA, Pixels) – https://felipeadan-lerma.pixels.com/


    • I’m gonna give it a good shot, some of my nicer work, to the gallery this coming Sunday; the non-gallery settings can be kinda fun, and sales can & do happen, lol! Thanks, Margaret – the very best of New Years for you ❤️

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