May 07, 2022 – New Diptych : Freedom, 1st Inlay

1st inlay, Freedom, May 06, 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
1st inlay, Freedom, May 06, 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma – 2 x 22×28 stretched canvases on stretcher bars

Continuing yesterday’s them of simplicity – some days simple being good 😊 – I decided to try a simplified polyptych, a two panel diptych with minimal over-all imagery, though of course open to extended nuancing of some or any portion of the the color fields.

It may be fun to see if some blue sheen in a brighter note can be sparingly added to my wanna-be-a-bird blue inlay. And some, a very little of that some, probably of the lighter upper yellow, might work among the deeper grayer yellow/gold along the bottom 1/3.

These are all “we shall see” ideas for now.

Keeping the general simplicity of the design, but with some nuance though, might be nice ☺️

This was the most single session painting I’ve done in awhile, in a week maybe? And it really showed in my mood and relative peace, and that in turn fed me energy during the same extended session 🙏

Even now, resting, working on this post, looking at a detail shot of the work-in-progress, I can see the potential for an eye, or bit of elaboration, to more clearly “suggest” a bird’s face!

detail, 1st inlay, Freedom, May 06, 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma - 2 x 22x28 stretched canvases on stretcher bars
detail, 1st inlay, Freedom, May 06, 2022 ©Felipe Adan Lerma – 2 x 22×28 stretched canvases on stretcher bars

Plus, now one can see more clearly the color nuancing in the slashes of blue —

It all, I’ll gladly happily admit, enthralls me!

And it all might even be partially a carry-over from the 9 year old spending the night last night. At one point, he began to examin the pictures on my art room’s walls and pointed out one of my 12×24 color fields, this one being mostly BW with a few dashes of gold – a very kinetic work, busy “almost” to distraction, but he liked it. I asked him if he’d like to have it, and he said, “Can you add more gold here,” pointing to a spot, “that big,” pointing to a larger-than-the-others swatch of gold already on the canvas.

“Sure,” I quickly said, openly grinning.

“And maybe,” he added, “little lines of gold, here, and here,” his little finger drawing a finger tip sized line in the upper left and lower right.

Nice balance, I thought to myself, grinning & nodding my head to him 😊

I didn’t work on that BW color field today, being energized enough to finally work on a full new piece again.

But, and I’d told the 9 year old this after he’d shown me his add-on preferences, the bigger new potential gold splotch had been tempting me too. He liked that. But the other, the small line-like addition-suggestions of gold, I hadn’t, and I told him so. And I think he really liked that too 💕

That may be a good project for this weekend as I leave “Freedom” in it’s 1st inlay to dry, and give my eyes time to see how much, or how little, more I feel will enhance this new work —

Stay well everyone! ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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