August 26, 2022 – A Beginner’s View : Inflation, the Economy, Climate, Clean Energy, Health etc, How Are They Related in Our Current Everyday Lives? – An On-Going Inquiry, Part 4 – Interpreting Economic Reports

There’s 3 reports, all issued Thursday, Aug 25, 2022, that I accessed ( no charge ) via Fidelity and Reuters NewsFeed of reports from Econoday —

They were :

The image top of the post btw, is from a 4th economic report among the same day’s news –

There’s more in the day’s reporting, but these will give me a good range to “try” and show the issues and questions I’m grappling with, mostly theoretically, though there’s plenty of implications for my everyday thinking & doings, that’s for sure! 😊

Unfortunately, without a working computer I can find how to do more than urge you to read the reports, and ask – why are higher wages defined as inflationary, yet capital gains and windfall profits ( both of which I also like 😊 ) are not?

And yet most reports about consumers also mention that they ( we ) are more than half of what drives our economy!

There’s clearly a bias.

It’s similar to “excess” investments by businesses. What if the purchases are for reducing poisons in our air to enable us to live to discuss what is or isn’t inflationary? ☺️

And wouldn’t investments in quality of life enhancements to our air and water and food and shelter be counter-inflationary, since medical costs and other things like the price of food and water and power would go down? There not being as great a scarcity? Thus keeping prices down? Obviously there’s no way to fully know. But decisions, global and individual, must be made..and we can strive for the best we can….

Before I finish my self-rant-discussion, I need to add, I did want to provide a quote from each report, but the means to produce a fully image-link-laden post isn’t possible til I get a new computer, so I’ll wrap it up, hoping I can expand on this another time – though I’m very grateful for the use of Sheila’s iPad mini to get done what I could ♥️🙏🏾 😊


I’ll end with a quote of my own commentary from a prev post

“Food right now is being targeted as a heavy inflation-recipient, which most of know is mostly true, esp if we don’t bargain shop ( shop the ads, coupons, etc ), and / or mostly buy either only extremely high scale food and drink items, and / or junk food.

“Food, my wife tells me, and she’s intimately involved in ads from all the major and some of the better minor grocery outlets here in Austin, is definitely costlier. But not to the degree we read or hear about on the news. We eat healthy and well, but not fancy. Yet, I can personally tell you, the meals she fixes us are “delicious!” 💕 “

Stay well everyone! Keep hopeful!! ❤️




I support passage of The Voting Rights Act 🙏❤️😊

Voting, in our democracy, is the purest form of expression.

Dissenting, affirming, protesting – 
– all flow through the form of the ballot, not, the bullet…

Stay well everyone – for oneself, and for those who need us most..the children….



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