Adam Light Creations, Parent DBA of Yoga-Adan, a History

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Baseball, dance, yoga, bicycling, football, volleyball, and much more!


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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adam light creations  [1] , parent dba of yoga-adan, a history




adam light creations, that’s me also 😉

Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma

integrating yoga fitness and the arts!


finally –

decided i’d keep my originating DBA (“doing business as”) i’ve had from the early 80’s, plus re-direct the traffic i’d had for my old art & poetry website,, to also

this provides me a paper, mental, emotional, and spiritual continuity 😉


re-directing my old site’s traffic to here is what clinched the decision to create this post

people searching for old titles of poems or art work or reviews, now know i’m here

and i figured, well, might as well make the best of it 😉 so, here goes –


Those searching for previously posted poetry or art :


3 cups 40x60, circa early 80's
3 cups 40x60, circa early 80s



poetry titles to do with education (special ed, elementary school teacher, etc), sports (baseball, basketball, etc), family (mom, sister, etc), special occasions (mis quince anos, wedding, etc), and more philosophical work (i know, you’re thinking, more philosophical than this already!) like “riches within, etc) –

there are evidently numerous searches failing to find some poems that were on my previous site, so i’ll try and place those here on my new site first

and –

art images of austin, texas countryside, new york city, san antonio, galveston, and older abstracts –

those are either coming, or already posted, but please be aware, it’s a slow process 😉

next week, i post my first full featured art work (much like i do my poetry), “Swan on Lady Bird Lake” – a contemporary impressionist piece from 2002


to search, try one or more of these :

* the “poetry” or “art” category will be a good way to find them

* another method is via the excellent search box at the top of each page

* and a final method is via the category list near the top right, also on each page

* oh, and there’s a category drop-down search box right above my “tweety bird” twitter tweets 😉

email newsletter :

if a person would like to be notified of new postings, please sign up for the email newsletter alerts – news of new posts are sent out automatically


though i’ll more “consciously” be trying to tie my poetry writings (integrating them) to my growing awareness and interest in yoga and fitness, most people who are familiar with my work and writings, will probably think, “well, he’s just added the name yoga to what he was already saying” –

i can’t much disagree with that 😉


integrating my art work to yoga, is only slightly different, as it’s visual

but my commentary will show, that there also, not much has changed in my views

added, though, will be bits of my photography i hadn’t featured on my previous site


Galveston, Man & Nature
Galveston, Man & Nature



what’s changed, is simply a more conscious broadening…

photography series

poetry series

art series

Yoga-Adan now also on Facebook

namaste – con dios – god be with you



[1]  adam light creations was a temporary name i came up with when trying to name my first real efforts to market my art and other efforts –

the name has happened to stick 😉

my idea was, that adam light creations reflected :

me – i’m adan, which is spanish for adam; and adam usually means the first, and these marketing beginnings were to be my first consciously made efforts

light – i’d always heard, and believed, that if something had a sense of light to it, visually or impressionistically so within the person, that was a good thing

creations – and these then, were my first creations with the intent to create light in people’s lives

not much’s changed since then, though, as evident, i’ve now consciously added all the fitness work i was interested in back then, like jogging, dance, etc

[2]  “3 cups” is an early 80’s acrylic on linen canvas painting i did as a series of “cup” images

i’d wanted something that reflected my love of the sea and shells and flowers, and figured “cups” would be a good generic – then people could “choose” what they felt the image represented, if anything 😉

currently, one of our granddaughters has “dibs” on it 😉



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