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“drill team” – original poetry

featured in “101  Sports Poems – The Poems


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


Drill Team

Discipline.  Team work.

The joy of joining in 

individual efforts to produce 

precision in unison.

At attention.

Letting the bugs bite

and letting the sting of it 

pass without breaking position.

Paying more attention 

to your drill team members 

than to hecklers or fans or

anything outside the formation. 


The click-click step-step 

breath-like movement 

of a properly trained

perfectly honed group

you’re proud to be a part of.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


“Drill Team” is included in “101 Sports Poems Vol 2” –


not surprising to me to think of “drill team” as a companion poem with “band” for the article on the making of my first music-based video posted monday

cadences, staccato as they are, are a beat, and develop a rhythm…

what was surprising for me, re-reading today’s poem, was how, back in ’94, i was already linking sound (click-click) with movement (step-step) to “breath-like movement”

but knowing what little i know now, and looking back to then, i see yoga and oneness already working its wonders, without need for training or dogma or gurus

amazing what the folk today, including myself, can now learn with qualified conscientious kind instructors who know safety and anatomy as integral parts of yoga, not something apart…

the members of our drill team back then in high school knew this feeling…

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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