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“creativity & yoga aren’t similar, they are of the same breath” – and so begins an exploration of creativity and awareness and yoga; wordpress’ new gallery images feature is included for the first time


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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creativity & yoga, thoughts




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  • A Thread
  • Implications
  • Assumptions and Beliefs
  • Mind, Heart, and Intuition – Yoga & Creativity
  • Creativity and Awareness

The Artist as a Creative Example

  • Intro, Kindred Spirits
  • Emmanuelle, Plans on a Comet
  • Brija, StableRoots
  • Kara-Leah
  • YogaDork
  • Studio Mothers
  • Himalayan Institute
  • The Magazine of Yoga
  • Yoga-Adan, What About Me?
  • Preparations, Again
  • “101 Sports Poems” a Series
  • Details

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“creativity & yoga aren’t similar, they are of the same breath”


i came up with the idea of having a “thoughts” article category, sorta as a way to have an easy way to write about something, and not have to research it so much, ha! – yea, right, l0l !!

i ended up just fooling myself into having to think harder 😉


Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v1
Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v1, Original Digital Art, Adan Lerma


i figured, point out a few times i felt i’d gotten creative, maybe point to an article, well, ok, maybe two 😉

heck, i have at least a painting and a couple of poems that could fill in some color and tone

maybe a photo, and i even have some digital art up now

like a piece of organic low-sugar cake with coconut!


a funny thing happened on the way to the “send” button

i couldn’t think what to say…

what follows, has been “working” since my first saved draft as recorded in my wordpress acct,

“12 August, 2011 @ 9:02 by yoga-adan”  



A Thread

ok, so what is creativity?

Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v2
Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v2, Original Digital Art, Adan Lerma

obviously i can point to examples, my own and others, of creative efforts, whether pleasing or not 😉

merriam-websters says creativity is, 

” 1 : the quality of being creative

: the ability to create

and further defines “creative,” at least in part 2 of 3, as,

2 : having the quality of something created rather than imitated : imaginative <the creative arts>

and while the further definition of “create” is similar, i thought the info on the “origin of create” further down the page, was particularly interesting :

“Middle English, from Latin creatus, past participle of creare; akin to Latin crescere to grow…

First Known Use: 14th century”



“akin to Latin crescere to grow…”

“something created rather than imitated”

“being creative…the ability to create”

there’s much here, it seems to me, with huge implications –

it’s obvious that our current state of being in bodies, is a result of a creative effort, growing something new that’s not merely an imitation

so how’s that fit in with an unchanging soul, immutable and at one with the universe?

not easily it seems 😉

yet, the paradox of duality may be more an answer than just a perplexing condition of our lives


Assumptions and Beliefs

i accept that there is oneness in the universe, unchanging, at least from our perspective

yet that oneness allows or wants or initiates diverse creations of changing living and inorganic objects

is it infusing the more-dense less-aware parts of itself it knows it will never lose, with more awareness of itself, as we are all contained within it?

a larger macro of what we attempt to do in breathing and awareness during asanas or other, more off the mat movements?

is it simply what we would perceive as breathing, naturally pulsing with its own life, and we are an expression of that oneness?

maybe some combinations of that and much more?


i don’t believe it’s possible to know the answers fully, or in a way of thinking or feeling we know all there is – we have to rely and be satisfied, at some point, with faith with what we do think and feel, and thus with what we assume we know…

are the words yoga or art or music or religion or god the things themselves?

maybe parts of that which they are themselves, being signifiers

being details, parts of the whole of what they point to

so, in that respect, i’ve come to believe :

“creativity & yoga aren’t similar, they are of the same breath”

so far, my reasoning, which is an expression of both my feelings and my thoughts, is not only simplistic, but riddled with assumptions and a priori starting points, any of which could be wrong or the views of someone who, if not touching one isolated part of the proverbial huge elephant, is maybe touching one tiny portion of a huge global canvas or sculpture 😉

but so it must be…

i have to function, i have to live, and i have to go by what i know, right now…


Mind, Heart, and Intuition – Yoga & Creativity

the gentleman i first learned about meditation from, known as william david before reclaiming his birth name, way back in the early 70s at the esoteric philosophy center in houston’s montrose area (then a hotbed of new age stuff)

he pointed out to me a few things, as i was free-thinking out load about an image,

“that’s your intuition”

“but all i’m doing is thinking…”

“the faster your thoughts, the more they bundle themselves into intuitions”

“i don’t get it, i was just putting ideas together…”

“when you slow down, they are thoughts, ideas…when you leap and jump, they’re intuitions – and when they are tied to your heart, they’re your truths”

i’ve never needed to go past that yet, just understand it within myself better

yoga, creativity, the arts, fitness, life!

they’re like thoughts and intuitions and heart-felt feelings – all of a kind…


Creativity and Awareness

as i mentioned in my article, “Creativity & Awareness, a Conscious Response to Adaptation in Fitness & Yoga,” i feel creativity is kin with awareness, maybe a conjoined twin in essence –

awareness of…

* the rustle of air filtering past leaves and limbs and hair and eyes

* the now-you-see-it-now-you don’t stars of winking light

* the first smiles of an infant who knows you’re near

* a hand touch when you’re in thought, by someone who thought of you

* an eye blink from star to stars and twinkles in your eye

* words that aren’t the thing but bring them wrapped in language to your heart

* sounds with pictures pulsing in them

* being alone in a mass of others and feeling joined

* knowing each moment would have to be said thought felt but can’t, not yet…

maybe awareness and creativity are similar to the continuum expressed above, between reasoning and individual thoughts, with intuition

it seems, at times, there’s too mad a rush to condemn the mind and thoughts, and yet rush as madly to express, whole-heartedly, that all is one

that appeals to me as little as the scientific-like person who disparages the values of emotion and the heart

neither extreme of being seems to reflect the notion of being more holistic within oneself

so, for now, i’ll continue to value both my mind and my heart, with awareness the mediator and messenger to creativity…

and maybe messaging 😉 between my heart and mind 😉


The Artist as a Creative Example

Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v3
Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v3, Original Digital Art, Adan Lerma

Intro, Kindred Spirits

artists, of all stripes, have always been an odd necessity of humanity

even folk not doing typically thought of activities of art, when they are exceptional, or unique, or certainly odd enough to qualify, as if by default 😉 are thought of as artists :

con-artists, beguilers, shamans, dancers in the infield in baseball, great lovers –

below, knowing i’m not beginning to scratch the surface of the artistic talent to choose among, i’ve listed a few of those i’m currently or recently been following, that in the near term, have struck an artistic chord in me, in my integrative efforts

in addition, they tend to be, like me, working both yoga and an art related activity into their mix

so these are currently folks of a kindred spirit for me 😉


Emmanuelle – Plans on a Comet

a young lady in europe (brussels and france) into music and yoga and art and photos and dance and teaching

browse her articles, check back on her, do a google search, she’s got a lot to offer

music and yoga seem to be her favorites right now –

with an inquisitive playful turn of mind

if there’s a comet on the site –

it’s emmanuelle!


Brija, StableRoots

a disarmingly charming interestingly tortured soul near the coast of england, who likes to paint and explore yoga as an awareness toward healing and merging more with her art

honest in turns haunting and humorous

there’s a raw point of emergence visible in her words worth watching

should i admit i see some of the-me of long ago in her words?

i guess so 😉

wordpress provides some convenient “category” codes for bloggers, and brija has notated some of her articles under her “art category”



based in new zealand, but heard worldwide, i’ve reviewed one of her bio-exploratory-yoga articles on her flagship site, the yoga lunchbox

my byword-feeling for kara-leah, is authenticity

exploring her sites is exploring an authentically articulate voice

it can be unsettling, and it can be inspiring –

she also has a self titled site focussing on her creative writing work

both sites have featured articles where she’s explored how music is entwined with her yoga

kara-leah’s musings about her creative process, also strike me as familiar 😉

she recently posted a typically good article on the creative process



not the typical creative activity most people thing of, like painting or writing or singing –

ms yogadork, as i privately like to call her 😉 works in the creative coal mines of humor 😉

irreverent and broad in scope, yogadork is a welcome reminder of how silly we can all get about yoga, and all other things human

one of my first ever introductions to this site was very early thing year, to a video spoofing yoga via a production number from the play, “Chicago”

as the article puts it, ” If choreographed yoga has your nadis in a twist, prepare yourself for the Bob Fosse-fied Broadway Musical! It’s Yoga Tango! All jazz hands and breathy ujjayi to the tune ofChicago‘s “Cell Block Tango.”

and still one of my favorite ever!

if you crave a little humor with your yoga once in awhile, then check these guys out 😉


Miranda, Studio Mothers

a creative website i’ve only recently come across, miranda is currently in the midst of a project of creating a work of art every day for the month (aedm)

her project for day 5, about herself as a young girl and her father, is exceptionally touching

her site focusses on helping busy mothers be the creative selves they want to be

though of course anyone, including us guys, are welcome 😉

into painting and collages and more, miranda adds, “And breathing. Breathing is good.”

if you know some of my yoga writings, you know i very much go along with the belief that breathing is fundamental, including creatively

miranda’s site seems a great place to check out if you’re a busy mom – or anyone else 😉


Himalayan Institute, “Awakening the Artist

the himalayan institute has provided countless exceptionally clear articles on important aspects of living, such as “Aging Gracefully” –

“Awakening the Artist” follows in that strong tradition

written by karen macklin, who writes, “Artistic expression can be deeply fulfilling, but accessing creativity isn’t always easy” –

with an article subtitle that reads, “Tap into higher inspiration and refine your artistic skills with yogic tools and teachings that empower creative expression”

i gotta agree! mostly 😉

the need for concentration, and how to develop it if needed, are discussed

as are the needs for “stillness and presence” and awareness and inspiration, breath and discipline, dealing with distracting negative emotions, “to feel free to have joy again in their performances” –

–  Quibbles  –

and yet, as a practicing artist, i’ll have to quibble 😉

the author, quoting respected yoga teachers :

1) yes, maybe, at first, “The task of the yogic artist is mostly just to get out of the way” –

yet, i believe, eventually, the more fulfilling task is to be in and of “the way”

2) and yes, optimally, “Word, color, or movement choices don’t come from practical considerations—they come from intuition and a deeper place of seeing”

and again, the true solution, for me (an on-going process) is not to disdain practical considerations, but to merge them with intuitive processes (easier said than done)

but don’t think the author is for having the creative person put themselves in a cave, away from others, rejecting recognition

““If you want to really change the world with your work, you may have to make a spectacle with it, and that can be very beautiful. It may be your dharma to be really out there”

  –  Bottomline  –

even with my quibbles, if i need to return to roots and re-ground, which happens 😉 then i do need to “get out of the way” and “come from intuition”

so with this, i recommend “awakening the artist” whole-heartedly 😉


Susan Maier-Moul, The Magazine of Yoga

i’ve left the magazine of yoga, “an online journal which promotes engaged everyday life as the key principle of freedom” for last –

they have been my first and best lasting stand-by for all things articulated about yoga –

fascia, trainings, interviews, music, poetry, art, and food –

susan the editor-in-chief presents a smorgasbord of ingredients that satisfies, nourishes, and leaves me eager for more (after digesting my current portion of course)

it’s hard to further articulate the vastness of appealing work on the magazine of yoga

i recommend you go to the main page, and cruise down the right side of the page

topic categories with numerous links within each group currently include:

On the Lit Mat * Conversations * 3×5 Practices Index * The Iconic Susan Blood * West Coast Bureau * Four Words * Bodies and Voices * Book Reviews * Poets * Really Healthy * Is Anybody Else Hot? * Music Matters * Written in Pencil * Studio Life * Curvy Literacy * Magofyoga

whew! 😉 yes 😉 


Final Thoughts


Creativity & Awareness in Yoga v4


Yoga-Adan, What About Me?

i have lots of plans up ahead

my texas to vermont series usually still has a good bead on short, medium, and long-term projects

the trick is, on my part, shifting the term-length of a given desired or needed project, from short to long or vice-versa

the fun is, also for me 😉 is doing exactly that 😉


Preparations, Again

in my first texas to vermont post, “preparations,” i needed to prepare for, and accomplish, my wife sheila and mine’s move from to vermont from texas

you may have heard the expression, about things incredible, “that’s a trip!”

well, this was that literally and symbolically 😉


right now is similar – though my move this time, is from the state of having decade’s of creative content t0 share, from earlier this year back through the last 40 years –

writings, poems, photos, paintings –


and now move, kicking and screaming, but with eagerness! to a new state of available sharing, courtesy of the new digital age of opportunities

so, like that time period earlier this year, i will continue my site, posting each week, but again, as back then in that may-june period of moving, post more of my creative work (poems, images) and less time-necessary “thought” work 😉


“101 Sports Poems” – a Series

101 Sports Poems - The Poems
Click for Listing

the move in-progress right at this moment, specifically, is that of organizing, formating, and presenting, a collection of mini sports poem volumes, comprising 101 original works

this is an important and major move for me

i’ve already presented two ebooks, one representing a sampler of mostly written work, the other an over-view presentation of visual work

now, i return to words, but specifically poetry, and even more to the point, sports poems

sports have been important to me most my life

sports now blends with yoga and thought

it’s an interesting project 😉



i intend to concentrate and finish the work necessary to publish the full nine mini sports poem volumes, and the larger full collection of sports poems in those nine segments

kinda sounds like what the article from the himalayan institute was talking about huh?

told ya this stuff was interwoven 😉


what i also intend to do, as part of my creative postings, these next necessary number of weeks, is create poetry speaking directly to my interest in yoga in fitness and the arts –

the work i will be preparing for epublication is sports related in poetry form, gently infused with yoga and fitness

the work i’ll prepare and create for postings on my site will be, to start : yoga related to the arts

it’s be a busy creative time, just in time for the holidays 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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  2. Woah, thanks for the mention! Do I really remind you of yourself?? I’m flattered! You are an inspiration. Thanks for reminding me to investigate this connection between yoga and creativity.


    • oh yes! 😉 there’s much to remind me 😉

      yea, the yoga-creativity spark is a good one to explore; it’d be fun seeing the things you’ll come up with, not just now or the near future, but over time, should be interesting 😉


  3. Awww… You’re an inspiration Adan. Margo and I are really grateful for your warm and enthusiastic support of The Magazine. It means a lot to us that you are nourished by it so you can go on being the amazing energy you are in the world, brining your light, your laughter and your many gifts! Namaste Con Dios for sure : )


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