April 04, 2022 – Finished My 1st SilverSneakers’ Online Live 45 Minute Yoga Class!

SilverSneakers' Live Online Yoga Class with Michelle April 2022 https://tools.silversneakers.com/Search/OnlineClasses
SilverSneakers’ Live Online Yoga Class with Michelle April 2022

Earlier today ( Sunday ) I fully completed my 1st 45 minute class anywhere since I somehow brought on a now 4 month running case of planters fasciitis! Even if their 15 stretch classes are still my best bet for now, lol!

I’ve progressed from store bought orthotics ( 2 variations ) to a dr issued pair, and finally a custom orthotic that works much better than I expected or had given up hoping for. So of course I over did it today, taking two long walks, the long class ( the standing portions being the challenging part for my left foot ).

But I didn’t really start feeling a pull and ache ( less than usual at that ) til evening, so that’s really good!

If you missed some of my pics of the variety of classes offered, 7 days a week, check out my most recent SilverSneakers post with sample pics of the class schedules and instructors.

Or better yet, if you wanna see a week or so’s classes in one browsing, go to – https://tools.silversneakers.com/Search/OnlineClasses


On a related note, I did mention in one of my recent SilverSneakers posts I had several 2011-12 yoga & creativity posts still available on my site. Here’s 3 I found :

One of those posts had this neat digital image!


Stay well everyone! Sometime later, but not real later, I’ll write about how strength training, which I’ve always liked but didn’t pay much attention to, have been the most effective in getting me back into yoga & walking mode again, tentative and baby-stepped as those latter fun things to do still are in my life 😊

Suddenly liking using bands and weights has been a surprise, though it shouldn’t’ve been I guess. The 15 minute live SilverSneakers strength classes are, well, quick, lol! But like their other classes I like, stretching and yoga, they’re filled with surprising little tweaks and variations, imagery and pacing that makes them appeal to me for the 1st time in most my life.

Before that, strength was just something that happened in most of my usual everyday lifestyle activities.

At 71, it’s evident now I needed an appealing boost, lol! 💪

More humor, more fun, in shorter time frames 😊

Stay well everyone! 💕



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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