dVersepoets Open Link Night Week 39 : ArtPhotoPoem “All-Weather Friends”

American Robin in Snow, Vermont © Felipe Adan Lerma
American Robins in Snow, Vermont © Felipe Adan Lerma
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“all-weather friends” – an artphotopoem


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 39

hosted by Joseph Hesch

joseph provides some interesting commentary of his poetry-process history co-mingled with his friendship with one of dVersepoets’ two founding poets, claudia schoenfeld

included are some thoughts on the value and quality of the online artistic friendships he has enjoyed seeing develop, especially on the thriving poetic site dVerse poets pub has become

i myself was wiggling for a way to showcase an image from a new series i am just starting, “impressions of gratitude” –

the new series should finally allow me, i am hoping, to resume my love of creating impressionist images, in this case via photography and digital enhancement (vs oil painting, which i’ve not abandoned 😉 )

add that i can then add a small verse, and i am close to a joining very dear to my heart

more than a photo-poem, i call these artphoto-poems 😉

further below is the projected vol 1 cover




All-Weather Friends

Two Birds in Snow

the land and seasons roll


what endures remains

is timeless

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



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Everyday Gratitude Vol 1
Creative Gratitudes Vol 1

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Adan Lerma

blessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. smiles…true that…and when it comes to the friendships i built on the internet over the last two years, i’m just amazed…some of them, i want never ever miss again


  2. Very short and sweet here Adan. I love the picture and the poem really gets across that feel of emptiness in the picture along with something underlying it that also radiates from the photo.


    • thanks chaz 😉 really glad you felt? saw? the underlying light, i think i caught some of that diffused bounce off the snow and around the dark birds (robins)

      and esp glad you loved the picture, one of my current favorites 😉

      chaz, i’ve tried to reach articles on your site, and i get this weird list of your posts, can click on them, but get nowhere! is it me? have i failed digital 201? 😉

      thanks again chaz


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