Paris Shorts Collection – Love, with Yoga, Grandparents, and Cafe Allonge

Paris Shorts Vol 1Paris Shorts Collection

Love, with Yoga, Grandparents, and Cafe Allonge

Pictured Left : “Paris Shorts Vol 1”

Includes four short stories in Paris!  See story below for info on each title.


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Paris Shorts Collection

Love, with Yoga, Grandparents, and Cafe Allonge


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Paris Shorts, Vol 1

A few posts ago, I wrote :

Introducing a new short fiction series

This is just a short post to announce the completion of Vol 1 of my new series of short stories, Paris Shorts.

Currently, each title is available separately, but will be available as a combined set in one ebook soon.

Not only is Vol 1 now ready and available, but has four shorts in it now. 😉

Immediately below, I repeat what I posted a few weeks ago.

Further below, are the four titles, with brief descriptions and links.

Each story is multi-generational to some degree, feature two or more characters of the extended family I enjoy writing about in my larger novels.

Stand alone enjoyable works of fiction, they also benefit from and add to the longer works.

Each piece attempts a mix of humor and thoughtfulness.

If you enjoy family settings, young folk, and adult and grandparent interaction with young people, you will probably enjoy these. 🙂



Paris Shorts Vol 1

The four individual short stories are :

Café Allongé at the Manifestation

Oldest of the six cousins, Antone and Cherise, go looking for a cafe with American coffee, large cup, not too expensive, a few moments away from their younger companions.  It’s a sort of protest, but come across the Parisian social equivalent, a Manifestation.

Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day

The six grand kids need to go out, leave the parents of two of the children an afternoon free, in their apartment, alone.  So who to take them, but the grandparents, Rosetta and Arturo.  And where to take them, why Family Yoga Day.  It’s definitely a very fun fitness outing. 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa in the Latin Quarter

Even Grandma and Grandpa need a little one to one time, during the extended family’s extended stay between Thanksgiving and Christmas in Paris.  Back to a favored restaurant.  Walking through a series of small streets.  Catching up, making connections.  Personal.  And, between themselves and the wonderful world of Paris around them.  Just talking.  About themselves, the Paris cold, and of course, their grand kids.

Rendezvous, at Place Saint-Michel

An unlikely pairing of three of the grandchildren and Grandpa, to Place Saint-Michel, at night, marks of Cherise’s most memorable moments in Paris.


Preview of “Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day”


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