Paris is Personal – Original Paris Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & Gricinda
Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & Gricinda

“Paris is Personal” – Original Paris Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Original Paris Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Pictured Left : “Slumming in Paris, Part One”, novella, available on Amazon Books.

Romantic prequel, before the arrival of the kids (Part Two, release date late summer ’13).  A fun read.


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Paris is Personal

Original Paris Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


Categories : Family Poems  *  Love Poems  *  Occasions Poetry


Statue Danton
Statue, Georges Danton
Featured on previous Paris PhotoPoem post.

Above is an image from one of my Paris Photo posts, which offers some window views from inside the cafe.

Below the poem is another.  There are views and views from windows in Paris. 🙂


Paris is Personal

in a cafe of hundreds
and unable to hear
anyone’s whispers
and public kisses
passing smiles,
we know
despite the monuments
dated in centuries
outside the our curtained window,
everything we would do
that day, that night,
in the quiet of our room,
by the bustle of the metro,
on the walks of the Champs-Elysees,
under the Eiffel Tower,
everything we could do,
would always be

© 2013 felipe adan lerma


Notre Dame View from Comme Chai Toi
Notre Dame View from Inside Comme Chai Toi
— a version of this image is available at Fine Art America —

With Sheila at Comme Chai Toi in Paris. 🙂 Oh, this was part of our view!

Image above featured in Day 3, Part 2 of 2, of my Paris Photo series.


dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, # 101, Hosted by Tony Maude (who hails from Britain)

I’ve linked my new poem to a great site for poets, dVersePoets.

Tony is new to “the pub,” as dVersePoets is often referred to, and has interesting projects he’s begun in England.  He’s hosted a few other prompts at dVerse, and I’ve finally managed to get a poem into one.

OpenLinkNight is a big deal, with usually over a hundred poets participating.

Hope you get a chance to visit some and see what’s what. 🙂


I’d only written one other Paris poem before this, and, working on my Paris Photo series, I just couldn’t resist joining my poetry to my imagery, both of which of course, join my fiction work. 🙂

When working in three different art forms, it’s nice when one over-riding subject or theme can be used.

Happy first day of summer later this week everyone. 🙂


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Adan at Thompson Park Bridge Vermont



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  1. smiles…i like both, the contrast and with all its tremendous history and meaning and then the very personal moves and thoughts and walks… def. think that’s what makes places like this so special…part of the magic…


  2. of course it is personal…and how could such a romantic place like paris not affect us at our core as well…i love places like that…the grand canyon for instance…another that just strikes awe deep….smiles…good to see you man…


    • ah man, the grand canyon is impossible to experience it for what it is without going there, great point 🙂 so it must be a common thread, that which affects “us at our core”

      yeah, it’s good to get a poem outta me too! lol! was starting to burst 😉


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