Reunions are for Reunions – Original Inspirational Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Family Poems
Family Poems

“The Inevitability of No” – Original Family Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Reunions are for Reunions

Original Inspirational Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


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adan and sheila 45th reunion

45th High School Reunion

Yes, I was hogging the chips. And yes, I brought a pretty young thing to the dance. And heck yes, I definitely left room for dessert. 😉


Linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight # 114Joe Hesch has an engaging prompt write up on creative balancing in one’s life. Few things have as much impact for re-evaluating the balance of one’s goals and life as a high school reunion. And I found that to be true on our first, the 10th, and our most recent, our 45th. 🙂


Below are two poems. My reunion poem from five years ago, my 40th and high school reunion. And one from this weekend, at my 45th HS reunion.

First is my most recent, my 45th.


45th High School Reunion

The lines were shorter than years past
And grumpier –
With a twinkle tease in the eye.

The decades long set from graduation
Snap closed to the present
With less shock and
More welcome.
Than usual

Familiar faces from four and
One half decades
Returned and didn’t show.

A few
Gone since Reunion 10
No explanation given.  None asked.

We shared memories of
Those not returning
And told each other that,
“We would.”

What else would we say,
Would we want
And wish
And chosen to bestow
on each other?

Til next time –
It was good,
And be good again.
Maybe, even better….

© 2013 felipe adan lerma


The Middle Older Years
(the Reunions)

Most of us weren’t
part of the cool bunch
some of us
thought we were.
But we’re all survivors now.
Equal in time
spent winning
the days and nights we’ve lived.
It’s good to feel recognition
to see the same smiles
stretch across our decades.
It’s good to say, “Hello.”
Once again.

© 2008 felipe adan lerma


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  1. But we’re all survivors now.
    Equal in time
    spent winning
    the days and nights we’ve lived…. i like that…a certain humbleness that comes with ripening… i find it interesting to meet the old friends, see what they’re doing now… quite some surprises.. in both directions..smiles.. sorry i didn’t get earlier to this..hope you’re doing good.. nice pic of sheila and you..smiles


    • i love seeing old friends and acquaintances again, and age has definitely humbled a whole slot of us that wouldn’t and didn’t socialize with each other in h.s. –

      yeah, sheila looked really nice, we had a good time 😉

      and yeah, some things we can get to quick, and others need a little more time, and all this new social media, that already seems to have been here all along, does give us that option and opportunity, so that’s a real benefit of our blogs and such

      good to hear from you, take care claudia 🙂


  2. Nostalgia, good time, old times, more old times. Reunions probably build the ties that continue..was she that kid behind me in algebra, didn’t she marry Billy’s brother – unless the school and town is small and then you hear it in the emails, the texts, the phone calls – who married, who had children, grandchildren, got knee replacements, went to Africa, married a millionaire, saw a celebrity, won a game show, made the Olympics. Those really are the ties that bind. Continued good health – enjoy many more! Gay


    • we had such a good time gay, i’m always surprised how much i end up enjoying being there, even when, by 6 pm, i’m already moaning i don’t want to go 😉

      yeah, totally agree, the ties bind, and they reach across so many decades of our lives, from those early years where everything meant, well, everything; thanks so much gay, take care 🙂


  3. you know, its funny…i have never been to a reunion for my HS…i have no desire really…i had a few friends…but if i did it would be cool to see how people had changed…and maybe how some softened as well…

    so you keeping all those chips or are you sharing? smiles.


    • seeing how people have changed, and how they’ve remained the same person, of people we’ve knew for so long when we were so young, is just wrenching (in a good way); there’s a collapse of time i’ve never forgotten the first time i experienced it at the 10 year – brian, you with our incredible reach into people and life, would i believe immensely relish the experience

      i did end up sharing some of those chips, what was left 🙂 but always willing to share 🙂


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