Dirty Sixth Street, Austin – Poster Child (of sorts) for Discoverability

Dirty Sixth Street, AustinDirty Sixth Street, Austin – Poster Child (of sorts) for Discoverability


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Dirty Sixth Street, Austin

Short light crime mystery, set in Austin Texas.


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Dirty Sixth Street, Austin –

Poster Child (of sorts) for Discoverability




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Dirty Sixth Street, Austin – My Poster Child (of sorts)

As I’ve mentioned in several of my posts, my short story “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” has, in my mind, become the symbol of what went wrong, and what was made right again, in my entry into being listed by subscription services, especially Scribd.

“Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” is a short story that, even via reviewers who left 3 star reviews, say it’s good.  Yet, my sales on direct channels are nil.

But, in Scribd, this short first person mystery story became my first with over 1000 views.

Why is this happening on Scribd and not on other outlets?

And why do I think it’s not?




Is it happening on Oyster?  No idea.  No data.

Direct Sales Outlets

Does it come close on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobe, etc?  No idea.  No data.

Smashwords (SW) & Comparing View Counts

I’ve listed SW separately because, though it does direct sales on its site, its major value for me is its distribution system.

And SW does list “views” by potential readers for the listings on its site.

How fair it is to compare preview views from folk who might want to buy one of my ebooks on Smashwords, to :

  • views that may or may not be non-subscription views (potential subscribers)
  • partial views (either triggering or not triggering a “partial read” for royalty purposes)
  • or full views (enough of my book read to qualify for a full royalty payment to me)

I have no idea.  Not enough data.

Notice though, I say “not enough data” vs “no data.”

I can compare the number of views, of my poster child ebook for discoverability, “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin” for May 17, 2014, approx 2:45 cst.

  • SW samples : 40
  • Scribd views (which would minimally be a sample) : 428, 1262

Why two counts on Scribd?  They’re not sure, but are looking into it.  One shows up on a sample “do you want to read” page, and the other on the document book file page itself.

One is 10 times the views, while the other is 30 times the views.

One thing I do know.  Scribd has followed through before.

For instance : Dirty Sixth Street, Austin was inadvertently bumped off Scribd before they enhanced their book duplication software.  Thanks to some very hard work by the Scribd author support people, it was back up in about a week.  But, my “views” prior to its return, could not be re-instated in the count.

Two points : Scribd will do what they say for authors, and my count for Dirty Sixth Street, Austin is, in reality, 3-4 hundred views higher than indicated above.

Making the SW vs Scribd views, at least in regard to discoverability, even more significant.

Scribd Results Translated into Income

Are my views on Scribd translating into sales and money for me to live on to continue doing creative work (what it comes down to unless one is well off or subsidized)?

No idea – yet.  No sales data – yet.

At least, the promise of data has been made, by both Smashwords and Scribd, and, in my opinion, is something I can reasonably count on.


Preview : Dirty Sixth Street, Austin – A mystery suspense short

I’d like to add that other titles, like “Slumming in Paris, Part One, Arthur & Gricinda” and “Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day (Paris Shorts)” are also now both at or touching the 1000 view mark.

And I hope you’ll also choose to take a peek at another title crossing the 1000 view line 🙂

Preview : Eiffel Tower Pose on Family Yoga Day (Paris Shorts) – A family fun short story


Bottom Line

There’s something at Scribd not happening at the other sites I have the same book listed.

In my next article, Scribd vs Oyster : An Early Comparison, For Reader & Writer, hopefully ready next week, the comparison will list components that I think make the difference.

Some of those elements may be present at Oyster, and eventually show up.

Others, I know, are not.

The number of views and the numbers of people joining Scribd’s subscription service tell me that, realistically, not only are my views higher than elsewhere, my sales probably are too.

Hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to post an update between discoverability, and sales.


Breaking Info :

Subscription Services Debate, a Press Release :

Announcing DBW Debates: Ebook Subscription Services (June 11th)


Looks to be a doozie 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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