Surprise! Austin’s Boomer Population Fastest Growing in the Nation

lunch with grandma and grandpa medSurprise!

Austin’s Boomer Population Fastest Growing in the Nation


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Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa


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Austin’s Boomer Population Fastest Growing in the Nation



October 07, 2014

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Thanks to AARP

Yesterday, Sheila and I attended a full house mayoral candidate question and answer presentation at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar. Courtesy of AARP (thank you!)

Much was said of some recent stats that put Austin’s boomer population as the fastest growing in the nation!

All the candidates also remarked how the event was sold out (it was free, meal included) so quickly. A few of the candidates might have been too young to realize or know that most of us in attendance grew up in the protest activist decades of the 60s and 70s.

Let me say right away, Alamo Drafthouse hasn’t lost its touch in its food prep and comfortable seats, and the new parking is terrific! It had been closed for remodeling.

And, thanks to AARP and Alamo Drafthouse, my wife and I, and those seated around us, felt we really did get to know who the candidates were a little better.

In the debate-discussion, several things of interest and ideas were discussed –

In parenthesis are my comments here :

  • Restoring free bus rides to seniors (college kids get discounts; and discounts are needed for rail service, and senior discounts need to start before one is so elderly as not to use the services anymore)
  • Housing affordability is needed for all ages (emphasis should be within the 183 semi-loop not outside it, acknowledgement that almost all housing being created is “luxury” was omitted)
  • Lack of homestead exemption/reductions for seniors in their homes on fixed incomes (the sharp tax increases sometimes driving seniors from their homes)

Not all these were mentioned by all the candidates, though all agreed things needed improving.

All in all, it was worthwhile. The food, and the expressed concern.

I should add, it’s ironic that the scheduled presenter of the candidates was unable to arrive on time due to traffic in the city. They should have called ahead and asked a senior (smiles).

The AARP Age-Friendly Communities Tool Kit


Suggestions for Next Time

I’m going to assume there’s a next time.

The senior population is expanding. The senior population votes.

These are just my takes of how to improve the debate-discussion experience for me :

  • Have the wait staff bring waters out to us seniors right away, then take the food orders. Seniors have a decreased ability to sense when actually physically in need of water, and most of us have accepted we need to hydrate regularly.
  • Drop the introductions or the scheduled questions, and have more time for direct audience (read, voter) questions.
  • Questions from the audience of seniors should include the hand written ones on cards like yesterday’s procedure, and a few raise-your-hand and ask questions. If any senior gets out of hand, they should be pretty easy to calm down (smiles).
  • Take a risk on being asked the hard questions:
    • why are luxury units being allowed to expand while affordable housing aren’t?
    • why aren’t seniors given discounts at an earlier age, especially considering their small percent of the population (ie, effect on revenues)? (besides, shouldn’t increased senior traveling within the city, be seen like the students’ increased traveling: increased spending at visited restaurants, museums, and other venues).
    • why were previously existing homestead exemptions gutted for seniors?
  • That the candidates not be afraid to say they really don’t know exactly how something can be done, but were determined to find out how. And let the voters know.

Austin used to be a place where developers and environmentalists faced off in a mostly see-saw even match. And I myself was glad to see some of the development finally begin, back in the 90s. But now. Unless one is very well off, it’s hard to live in the most expensive city in Texas.

Wonderful as it is. Most the time (smiles).

It’s time for a re-balancing.


Uh-huh, Lots of Seniors in Austin? Well, ok, not much, but still…

Ok, considering the increase, of seniors in Austin, even is sustained, would only give seniors a 20% population base in the Music Capital of the World by 2040, it’s still pretty interesting.

My wife and I go to many of the festival activities here (SXSW, ACL – ok, sorta, we either hang around or just go for a few hours) and it’s interesting to see how many older folk are mingling with the vast crowds of teens and twenty-somethings.

Usually we get treated with a smile or bit of teasing, but hey, it’s like an extended grandparent experience!

It’s certainly rich gist for my stories and non-fiction work, much of it set in Austin.

And much of it featuring grandparents and grand kids. (smiles)


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