Review: The Shell Game by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg – Dense Like an Acorn and Just as Delicious

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The Shell Game by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg –

Dense Like an Acorn and Just as Delicious


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The Shell Game by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg –

Dense Like an Acorn and Just as Delicious


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Below are two thoughts on a new short story from one of my very favorite contemporary authors, Janet Evanovich. The short is meant to introduce us to the two main characters in her ongoing Fox and O’Hara” series.

Beyond this short story, I’m not familiar with that series, though I’ve read books 1-3 of Ms Evanovich’s 20 (plus ?) books featuring Stephanie Plum. And they are great. Humor, witty, action, danger, family, romance.

The first below is my Amazon site review. And the second is a response to a question from another reader on the Goodreads page for this story.

The Shell Game is only 99¢, and I highly recommend it. (smiles)


The Amazon Review

The Shell Game

What a perfect way to find out if I might like Janet’s other work beyond Stephanie Plum (have read the first 3 and really like that series).

And though this was a short story, it felt dense with excitement, humor, similes (mostly quite funny and tongue-in-cheek), and obviously fun flirtations.

Also, despite being short, multiple scene and point of view shifts were used and handled smoothly and effectively.

Best of all, the two main characters promised to be as much fun as Stephanie and Morelli.

For me, that’s huge!

Now I have two super fun series to enjoy from this incredible writer.


My Goodreads Answer to a Question

Is this book on line with the Stephanie Plum series? Is it as entertaining and sometimes funny as these are?

I’ve only read the first three of the Stephanie Plum series, and this is only a short story, but for me : Is it as entertaining and sometimes funny as these are? –

It’s a resounding YES! (smiles)

It felt like the Stephanie and Morelli characters moved from Jersey to California, got some college and high end law enforcement and crime training, but kept all their charm and down to earthiness.

Plus, the writers kept the internal-external dialog fun-thing going. But from both characters, rather than just from the female protagonist. A great result of the blend of the two authors, Janet and Lee.

As I mentioned in my review of the short story, now I have two super fun series to look forward to enjoying from Ms Evanovich!

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lunch with grandma and grandpa med

Besides mentioning my own short story for the obvious benefit of exposure to potential readers (smiles), I wanted to show I have an affinity, within myself, for producing this style of work, in one of my own topic-fields (family, grandparents, grandchildren).

I think “Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa,” within a short story, has, even if tiny so, a kinship.

Learning from other authors, and making aspects one likes, one’s own, is invaluable.

So much thanks to the many authors I like, including of course, Ms. Evanovich.


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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