Story Sample plus Links : Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Photo-Memoir Vol 2 #BVT

Everyday Inspirations Vol 2
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Story Sample plus Links :

Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Photo-Memoir Vol 2

Burlington, Vermont #BVT


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Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Vol 2

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Story Sample plus Links :

Everyday Inspirations :

Photo-Poems Photo-Memoir Vol 2 #BVT



October 12, 2014

Categories : Story Samples plus Links


Sample Chapters & Links – My Blog Series

Though each digital outlet usually has a preview capability, what is previewed to the reader varies tremendously.

Some outlets have pre-determined unalterable percents, and some allow the writer to set the percent, which then is passed on to where the book is distributed. But even then, the receiving retailer may have their own set limits.

What I want to be able to present to a reader, is at least 10% of the actual content.

Of the story. Or photo-memoir. Or photography. Or poetry.

This new series on my site allows me that.


Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Vol 2


10 original images.

Photo-poem photo-memoir set in Burlington Vermont.

The images work their way from tight close items of interest – an underwater tree rocks, a snow flower, wisps of sea grass by a pond – broadening out to vistas of a winter landscape as the book progresses.

Unique commentary perspective. Initial commentary when first published. Second commentary added nearly two years later, giving a new layer of meaning as seen by the poet-photographer.

Links to related places of interest are also included (no ads).



[ please note: formatting differs slightly in the ebook ]


Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Vol 2

© Felipe Adan Lerma


Underwater Tree


1 tree on ice
Click to Enlarge

it’s in the winter’s icy reaching

that the light begins to cast




to reach anew
Broken, it’s as if the tree is reaching down to the source of its root, with its limbs. The once sky-touching tree tips dipped and frozen below the surface.

A whole other thought, of returning to one’s source, than when I first took and studied this image over two years ago.

Then, what caught my eye, remembering standing in an icy air I wasn’t used to being in at all, was how the light stretched as the short day saw the sun speed to the west. Though there’s a bit of reflection on the left side of the tree, it’s the tiny stretch marks of sunlight on the far left side I wanted to capture with the (relative) close-up of the tree and rocks around it.

As if the light was, even in the bitter cold, reaching out.

This is but one of many possible views on the bridge that connects Burlington to Winooski. In Vol 1 of this series (also now updated to a Second Edition), I try to show a few more.

A little more info can be found via the two links below.

Also, a quick reminder, I don’t use affiliate links in my books or website, ie, I’m not paid to suggest these. They just appeal to me – thanks so much.

Winooski Falls –

Winooski River Walk –


End of Sample


Links to : Everyday Inspirations : Photo-Poems Vol 2

Everyday Inspirations Vol 2

Note: Things digital seem to be changing more each day (vs settling down), and some online outlets have had sporadic problems with downloads, links, and accessibility. In addition, as events evolve, it may have become necessary for me to either remove an outlet, or settle on just one I can depend on.

If all else fails, please contact me for availability : yoga (dot) adan (at) gmail (dot) com .

Updates are also posted on my Samples Page on my site.

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