Story Sample plus Links : Everyday Gratitude Vol 1 – Daily Meditations via Everyday Life

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

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Story Sample plus Links :

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1 – Daily Meditations via Everyday Life


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Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

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Story Sample plus Links :

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1 –

Daily Meditations via Everyday Life



October 15, 2014

Categories : Story Samples plus Links


Sample Chapters & Links – My Blog Series

Though each digital outlet usually has a preview capability, what is previewed to the reader varies tremendously.

Some outlets have pre-determined unalterable percents, and some allow the writer to set the percent, which then is passed on to where the book is distributed. But even then, the receiving retailer may have their own set limits.

What I want to be able to present to a reader, is at least 10% of the actual content.

Of the story. Or photo-memoir. Or photography. Or poetry.

This new series on my site allows me that.


Everyday Gratitude Vol 1 – Daily Meditations via Everyday Life


A simple daily meditation on the everyday happenings in my life.

Meant to be an example of what anyone can do each day to help reach an understanding of one’s own daily life, and finding something to be grateful for each day.

Written in a prose-poetry format.



[ please note: formatting may differ slightly in the ebook ]


Everyday Gratitude

Vol 1

© Felipe Adan Lerma


made a call to my



who at 84 1/2

is so thankful we’re thankful


may i be as alive at 84 and one half as she is now

got calls from the kids

calls completing

the circles

it’s thanksgiving

for my wife and i


our little circles of circles

ringing the holidays

and for that

i am grateful…



we wondered down to the tree lighting

with the families young and old

carriages and canes

into the town’s downtown

bundled like newborns

gifted with boots

wraps caps and

gloves –

the coffee at the market we



hot tasty with mocha

yet most grateful

am i






organic with seeds warm with scents

what a blessing chewing

enjoying to eat




spent in a cool winter

sun –


spent wandering

among the chores

like children


in a tools-delight




more often

less enchanting

but grateful

for these

bits of ignorance

slips of knowledge

our sifts of living

with those we love


End of Sample


Links to : Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1Note: Things digital seem to be changing more each day (vs settling down), and some online outlets have had sporadic problems with downloads, links, and accessibility. In addition, as events evolve, it may have become necessary for me to either remove an outlet, or settle on just one I can depend on.

If all else fails, please contact me for availability : yoga (dot) adan (at) gmail (dot) com .

Updates are also posted on my Samples Page on my site.

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namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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