The Writer’s Life – 101414 : Sometimes, Doing a Little of Nothing, Gets a Lot Done (smiles)

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The Writer’s Life –

101414 :

Sometimes, Doing a Little of Nothing, Gets a Lot Done (smiles)


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Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

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The Writer’s Life –

101414 :

Sometimes, Doing a Little of Nothing, Gets a Lot Done (smiles)


October 14, 2014

In-Between, I Needed a Rest

Doing a Little of Something

Finding Gratitude, Sheila
Finding Gratitude, Sheila – The Breath Expanding Into the Soul

My first boot camp fitness class behind me (plus the little pieces of me that clinked off – smiles), and my next yoga alignment class still a few days ahead, I did my most continually favored DVD.

Or at least the ten minute portion that’s yoga. There’s upper and lower body intensity level segments also, and I like doing those periodically also. But the yoga portion is superb. Quite a few gentle poses. And I usually zip through the ten minutes and feel much much better.

Sometimes, I start and stop the tape (old folk term for a disc).

And let myself just relax into the pose.

Finding, by not doing anything but breathing and being quiet, what aches.

Then breathing deeply and visualizing that spot, letting the oxygen filling my lungs trigger a mentally directly stimulating of the area that doesn’t feel so good. The expansion and soft breath release of the muscle area hurting (more often just aching), is like magic.

When I felt rested, in the position, I restarted the disc, and repeated through each position.

Letting myself determine the pace and amount of time in each pose.

When it was over, I rested. In savasana.

Doing a Little of Nothing

Adan at Table with Light from Window
Last available table at Skinny Pancake, near the Waterfront, Burlington Vt.

The yogic pose savasana is also referred to as the corpse pose.

That doesn’t appeal to me.

And the word savasana has an easy audible connotation for me, sabana: bed sheet, or blanket. I heard it referred to basically any covering one might use in bed, though usually with the additional connotation (for me) of having some sense of weight to it.

And of course, for me, a savanna brings up images of sweeping vistas of tall grasses swaying in the wind.

Growing up in Houston and living along the Gulf Coast most of my life, that was a frequent view; especially when I was younger, and there was less development of the land.

Inspiration for resting comes much more pleasantly for me with these other connotations. 🙂

I’d like to rename this pose. Maybe something like dream pose!


Doing Nothing

Not doing anything, in the resting pose – I’ve currently come to realize – doesn’t mean having nothing happening in myself.

Oh, and notice I slyly said, “I’ve currently come to realize” – meaning what I think I “know” – changes.

But, getting back to my point (oh, and this is kinda what happens to me during meditation, and even savasana – a meandering of sorts) –

An Eye Like A Hawk

Resting, truly resting, is not blocking thoughts and feelings that appear to our mind and heart, but observing them, becoming aware of them, and, if we decide to, acting on them.

Letting the tediousness of most of our thoughts and feelings pass through, usually will allow them to dissipate. But not always. So this is also a way of finding out what things are most important to us.

Sure, it’s a lofty and desirable goal that we reach moments, even extended moments, where we slip into what either is our imagined source of being, is a true tapping into our origins, but working with what I get, and where I am, is part of the letting go and being able to rest.

Thoughts on Writing that Came to Me.

Wine Glass on Terrace
Wine Glass on Terrace at Sunset – Galveston Texas

So I rested, in non-corpse living-dreaming pose, for awhile. Ten, fifteen minutes. Which is but an instant, but seems like another forever in moments. 🙂

Creative thoughts for my WIP (work-in-progress) managed to work their way to consciousness.

Bits of dialog. Plot line adjustment-enhancements.

Even a new better suited first chapter.

That last creative thought, I realized right away, was probably derived from the reading the first few chapters of Writing and Selling Thriller Screenplays by Lucy V Hay.

I’d read much the same, in different words, in a few other books, but the way it works for me is, as I continue to do creative work, studying how creative pieces have been formed, informs me differently as I progress.

Much the way doing the same poses, over time, and for varying lengths of time, have also done.

Mind-Body – for me, it’s undeniable.


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namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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