Adan’s Gratitudes – A Little History

About my previous attempts expressing gratitudes in my life and my latest intention to do so 😊  

Image of myself with you ingest grandchild in pool in Costa Rica. This is a sample artist self portrait image from my collection at Fine Art America - .
With Youngest Grandchild 😊
For more of bio pics please see my artist self-portrait collection

I should emphasize too, these are my public expressions of gratitude.

My private expressions, and I think we can and should all feel free to have any number we wish for ourselves, are sometimes reluctant, sometimes infrequent, often spontaneous.

My last major effort with public gratitudes was doing a daily written gratitude around 2011.

I managed about three months worth of daily reflections that I put in 3 small ebooks.

Eventually I sensed I was more making an effort to find and write about a gratitude than experiencing one as I had at first. This time around my intention is to be consciously sporadic but only in terms of when I’m compelled to share a particular gratitude – not to satisfy a publishing schedule.

One interesting thing I’ve realized recently is that many of my self-portrait image bio posts (see top pic) are also actually quite about gratitude!

Listed below then, are screen shots of two of my early series-attempts at publishing my gratitude experiments, attempts on my part to find the meaning of the moment. My subsequent gratitude posts here on my site in contrast will be moments where the feeling of being grateful is so clear to me, I’ve felt compelled to share it 😊

Everyday Gratitudes Vols 1-3
© Felipe Adan Lerma
Everyday Gratitudes Vols 1-3
© Felipe Adan Lerma

That was followed by more two creative efforts combining images and short verse or prose-poems —

Creative Gratitudes Vols 1-2
©Felipe Adan Lerma
Creative Gratitudes Vols 1-2
©Felipe Adan Lerma

One could legitimately surmise I need a lot practice with gratitude 🙏 😊

For previous posts (since 2011) on this theme, please use my search box further below or click on the link to a recent search I did – Gratitude.

Thanks so much for coming by!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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