Adan’s Gratitudes – Walking With Birds

Each gratitude post is of an event in my recent past, a few days to a few weeks, both allowing me to better understand my experience and to grant myself the time for that without rushing 😊

This gratitude evolved from a walk in our neighborhood March 23, 2019 –

This image from Butler Park is as close as I have to my bird adventure on my morning walk today around the old Austin neighborhood of Bouldin.

My creaky 68 year old body was just beginning to limber into a gentle loping pace when an early spring breeze rustled the large shrub trees I was passing releasing a chirping wind of tiny birds with robin like combs atop their heads. Instinctively I reached for my phone to catch a shot but knew before my hand reached my pocket the moment was gone.

Like kids on a playground the tiny birds in a flap one direction and curled mid-stream another, finding a taller further tree to escape my senior pace on the sidewalk.

What I noticed most wonderfully was that they didn’t just flap their wings and move pendulum like through the air, driven by their momentum, but rather, in mid-curl I spotted one then two then three tiny birds eye my direction, chirp sharply, sending the whole group further than I think they’d first anticipated.

For one moment I was in the air with them swinging in their own winged-current.

For a moment I’d shared in their shared instinctive moment.

In that moment that’s all there’d been – that “now” 🙂

For a brief history of my writings and images related to Gratitude, please see my prev post on WordPress –

Also, for previous posts (since 2011) on this theme, please use my search box further below or click on the link to a recent search I did – Gratitude. 😊

Thanks so much for coming by!


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    • Good question, Shawn (and BIG thank u for the compliment!) 🙂

      I literally took this shot as a swing and turn as I passed a section of Butler Park heading back home. I heard the swoosh of wings, turned, and clicked. One shot, one chance. Haven’t been able to re-create it since!

      Most of the birds in the park are pigeons, black birds, and a few egrets and even smaller number of birds like sparrows and blue jays. I don’t “think” there’s any doves, but I’m no expert. If anyone knows for sure please let us know! 🙂

      Thanks again so much, Shawn 🙂


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