Notre Dame Paris – In Gratitude for Being There and Surviving Through So Much

From my cherished Paris collection of images from my wife and mine’s stay late 2012 – . As always, from its history of progressing human freedom, to surviving World Wars and revolutions, to its sourcing of such a stunning amount of artistic beauty and creativity, Paris endures to inspire and encourage us. Adan Twitter […]

Adan’s Gratitudes – Walking With Birds

Each gratitude post is of an event in my recent past, a few days to a few weeks, both allowing me to better understand my experience and to grant myself the time for that without rushing 😊 This gratitude evolved from a walk in our neighborhood March 23, 2019 – This image from Butler Park […]

Adan’s Gratitudes – A Little History

About my previous attempts expressing gratitudes in my life and my latest intention to do so 😊   I should emphasize too, these are my public expressions of gratitude. My private expressions, and I think we can and should all feel free to have any number we wish for ourselves, are sometimes reluctant, sometimes infrequent, […]