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Lake Champlain Mid-day Sunshine

Image # 25of74 in Vermont crime mystery novel, Queen, by Felipe Adan Lerma.
Images in Fine Art America collection – .
Novel @Amazon – .


About My Image, Personally & In the Story

My image editing program, Affinity Photo, says I used my iPhone 5 back in Sept 2014 to capture this image.

Captured from Battery Park, very near where my wife Sheila grew up, I can literally memory-breathe the air that day – clear and clean, complete with a vista of ever changing hues, lights land and shadow!

Very much like the interactions of the emotions of the characters in the story 😊

There are shadows unseen by the sunlit waters, much like the six younger cousins unaware of characters with mall intent. The lighthouse is there, but as of yet, unlit. And the vista into the distance is grand and peaceful, though the furtherest points in time and space are grey. Obscured. Soft, yet dim.

Danger and uncertainty can be clearly seen or sensed within the image and by the reader.

But it’s too beautiful and calm to fear going deeper….

Images Included in Queen the Novel
Queen, the Omnibus: A Samantha Lacroix Thriller


About My Novel, “Queen”

A rambling jump-shot short-chapter multi-POV, inter-generational crime thriller set in Vermont, Queen was first released as 34 serials as an experiment. It definitely kept me “at it” 😊 and am personally very pleased with the effort.

It involves so much of what I’ve enjoyed about both my fiction and my imagery – family dynamics and Vermont photography.

Available as an eBook and via #KindleUnlimited, it’s long enough to last you awhile, yet – because of the short chapters – in pieces small enough to digest quickly or slowly as desired ❤️

Cover of the novel, Queen : a inter-generational multi-POV crime thriller set in Vermont - Written by Felipe Adan Lerma .

Cinematic in structure, via the descriptions and chapter format, I think Queen is my most ambitious fiction work to date. Plus the 74 included images are a real bonus. Available on Amazon at –

And my images in the book, as I upload them, including both the image-only and poster versions, are in a specific collection on my site at Fine Art America –

Both prints and gift items are available for all images.


About Me & My Art

I’ve been taking pictures since high school when a friend sold me a used 35mm for $20 (he later told me he’d thought he’d taken advantage of our friendship 😊) and painted since first grade when the teacher, God bless her heart, on her own had us paint with watercolors to music 💕

I’m in the process of auctioning a selection of art work on eBay, and am finally also venturing into licensing and limited editions for both my photography and art.

I have accumulated more photos than I’d probably ever totally be able to work with, and more ideas for paintings than there’s paint for, lol! That and my close relationships are my truest savings as I near 69 then begin my 70’s! Definitely making headway aging gracefully!

My images are registered with the U.S. Library of Congress via numerous collections, and will passed onto our grandchildren, where they will have full derivative and other rights 😊

See more of my bio-pic selfie series at Fine Art America —

Also, my recent post, White Blue Cluster Square, exams one of my floral pics 😊


Licensing & Limited Editions

For Licensing & Limited Edition inquires, please contact me at –


Other Options & Ideas
My Amazon Affiliate Marketing searches & highlights for this post   

My Amazon search, Photography in Fiction, came up with some divergent but interesting ideas!

Including these 2 items —

Fashioning Fiction In Photography Since 1990
excerpt, “The focus is on defining a milieu rather than just clothing”
– influenced by 2 aesthetic strategies, cinema & the amateur photographs….

Photography as Fiction
excerpt, “…in 1839, artists began exploring photography’s enormous potential for storytelling and often went to great lengths to create pictures for the camera.”
– 76 color plates


I hope you’ve enjoyed my art and photography, and will return to explore more of my work —
Here are some search suggestions of topics on our site 😊



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Thanks so much for coming by!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA) –


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