Aging Gracefully – 2nd Update on My Amazon Affiliate Marketing – A Treat! Helped Sell Our Youngest Girl’s Children’s Book, Skydancer! 😊

Our youngest girl, Tania Marie DeGregorio, reading her children’s illustrated book - SkyDancer - at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Austin Texas 😊 On Amazon - .
Skydancer by Tania Marie DeGregorio
At Amazon –

Another 3 Weeks Experimenting & It Seems Barely a Few Days!

It’s said when you’re having fun or completely immersed, time stands still –

Which means you’ve lost track and who knows what you might’ve forgotten to do, lol!

Well, that’s obviously happened to me in two areas: 1) approaching date for my hiatal hernia, and 2) amount of time for fitness & learning to apply Amazon’s Affiliate marketing to my posts.

While the first (as per my Dr) is something I’ll be glad to get over-with & start experiencing all the possible improvements from things I’ve evidently lived with so long I don’t even know better (yay!) — the second is something I’ll be glad to get back to once the anesthesia fog lifts and I can swallow and walk more again & play with my blog more (yay again!).

Looking Forward

Besides obviously looking forward to eating and exercising more robustly again 😊 I’m also looking forward to showcasing images of products (esp book covers and art and posters – mine and others on Amazon) I think are cool — no, that I think are really cool and worth sharing with other folk, like I do tweets on Twitter

Meanwhile, special treat — today I saw our youngest daughter’s illustrated children’s book, Skydancer, had sold via one of my affiliate links! That’s very nice ☺️

Author’s son, Max, releasing butterflies in a promo for Tania Marie DeGregorio’s illustrated children’s book, Skydancer - On Amazon - .
Skydancer by Tania Marie DeGregorio
At Amazon –

Tomorrow & the next few days I want to first show a blip I had to fix and cross to print my new posters the way I needed (think file size!) — then, showcase how some of the new posters look.

Going even further forward, I’ll set up my system for where & how folks can get one of my posters (I’m also thinking signed at no extra cost!)

As I mentioned in Affiliate Update 1

“Obviously – to anyone already doing Affiliated Marketing – I’ve a long way to go learning. That’s ok. Same thing’s true creating art, writing stories.

And, especially true keeping myself healthy and fit ❤️

So two weeks from my scheduled surgery, I am walking and eating well (did food always taste this good? 😊) and — I feel I’m getting a handle on not just my poster ideas for the rest of the year, but on literally having them in hand!

Wish me luck! ☘️


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Except at the Old Bakery & Emporium, I no longer offer the gift images in the posts below in their former formats, but I hope to offer them anew in my new poster/print offerings this year (2019) 😊

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one of those amazing cornucopia search-returns with books, lamps, women’s tops, tattoos, back packs, and colorful gifts for all ages! 😊

Thanks so much everyone!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA) –


    • Oh goodness, thank u so much, China! I’ll let our youngest girl know, she wrote & created the whole project; researched and hired the folks for things she couldn’t do (illustrations, book styling & production, etc). I did give her lots of links to Amazon for selling on their platform and she took it from there! Thank u again – I much appreciate it! 😊


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