My Day Ahead – Aug 31, 2019

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Today begins the Labor Day holiday weekend, though some folks started sooner – can’t blame them!

Seems every place we went to today that wasn’t gonna be open Monday we were told so by a very broad smiling employee – yeah, can’t blame ‘em at all 😊

Our day?

Ours is pretty simple past coffees, chocolate milk and breakfast for the three of us – grandson & us two grandparents:

  • go grocery shopping at HEB down the street (the list began to be compiled and has continued growing since yesterday evening!)
  • the 3 of us go to the pool before outside is an oven (again)
  • off to Thundercloud Subs for lunch with a hefty 2 for 1 coupon (doesn’t hurt they also carry a mean brownie, I mean a HUGE mean brownie!)
  • skip down the street to Trader Joe’s for some of their unique treats
  • go home, wait for mommy to pick up grandson for their own holiday weekend plans
  • rest 😊

Happy start of Labor Day weekend everyone! ⛵️ 🎉 🍺 🍕


The day began and rolled around having our youngest grandchild spend the night, taking him to school next morning, and picking him back up at school – but only after a stint in his chess club – with about 50 other kids, lol! 😂

If you want to know creative chaos, remarkably controlled by a handful of adults, try 4 or 5 dozen kids in an after school program! Having pizza delivered end of the club session didn’t hurt 😊

Then we brought him home for one more night of “Aww, come one, one more show, Grandma!” (LEGO episodes on Disney cable). “Can I have my pudding now?” (Organic of course; though next is homemade – a hand crank mixer is enroute from Amazon). And of course, “I’m not sleepy!” (Zzzzzzz – yeah, right!)

But we’d expected it all, and so did he of course. It’s our “thing” between the three of us ❤️

But mine and my wife’s unexpected biggie was attending our 1st Zumba Gold class in a “long” time.

That we made it through the whole class was a huge surprise & accomplishment, for both of us! Huge enough I interrupted my scheduled postings and cranked out a short post about it – you’ll have to check it out 😊


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Thanks so much everyone!


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