My Day Ahead – Sept 10, 2019

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Overslept heavily. Had hoped I’d be able to go w/Sheila to Golds Gym for the cardio class, but I knew evenlast night it was probably too soon.

That’s ok. I know the drill now working my way back. The gallbladder surgery was goo training, lol!

My step count’s coming out a little higher a little sooner than from the previous surgery. So that’s good. I may not be eating like I want, that part may be lagging from after the previous surgery (‘cause my stomach’s involved), but the getting back-to-there is moving along a road I’ve familiar with. Even if the ruts are in a slightly different place 😏

Beyond that, can I hope to push a little bit of pigment on paper or canvas today?

Definitely hope! Even just a little monochrome ditty’d be nice 👍

Art, where art thou! 😊


After an on-off night sleeping, over slept into the morning 😊 Guess I needed it!

The doctors did say my wake-sleep pattern would take a bit to return to normal. Partly cause of the long odd sleep patterns in the hospital due to anesthesia & meds. It shouldn’t take long if all goes similar from afterwards of my prev surgery, so not “too” worried, lol!

Was still planning on trying to go with Sheila to Golds Gym and just walk, but ‘tween not rested enough and five fire trucks showing up for a very quickly contained garage fire nearby, figured best to rest! The fire truck arriving sirens blasting was enough excitement, especially since Manchaca just south of us had a 50 acre brush fire we could see and smell just a few days ago!

I’m very pleased with all the juices and fruit sauce mixes we got day before yesterday (went into good detail on that in yesterday’s post) but definitely beginning to really miss chewing on foods. Bananas are about as dense as my teeth can crush into right now 😊

It was a real treat being able to spend so much time and thought into yesterday’s post (Sept 09’19), esp the Yesterday section AND the new meditation repost (vs reblog) post, but if I want to be ready for the fall shopping season, I need to update a lot more of my older posts folks are still liking and even commenting on – a very good problem, btw!

So I may need to do shorter My Day Ahead posts, for awhile anyway, and of course only as warranted. I enjoy these (day before) reviews and look-ahead’s of my days.

Long as any more fire trucks stopping by are just visiting 😊

Spent most my time oscillating between cramps, shoulders hurting, stretching, breathing, and updating a 2015 post an online artist friend put a comment on. It reminded me how important it’d been for me to (finally) after four years of wanting to, bike across Lake Champlain on the Island Bike Line.

Some of those older posts are easy to update, others….

This was of the latter, but boy do I like the way it looks like now. It was fun!

Like Grandma Rosetta says to one of her two grandsons in my short story, The Yoga Bowl, “Yes, fun is good.” 😊

Then really had to rest, which I did. Got calls from both the surgeon’s nurse, the hospital, and my insurance, all asking how I was doing. I was able to get some needed clarifications: what which meds were targeting, ways to make them easier on my stomach (grind down to powder & put in milk), etc. A good afternoon despite the aches!

Even took the time to explore something neat for me and Sheila to watch. Lot of the fall season shows aren’t up yet, so searched Prime (via Amazon) and found The Dressmaker, with Kate Winslet. Put it on our watchlist, aim for tonight!

Early Evening PM
With temps dropping below 100, plus a light but steady breeze and some luckily placed clouds, went on a brief 20 min walk. Not too bad 2nd day home from the hospital. I could’ve pushed it more, but probably would’ve regretted it later. My Christmas present Garmin tracker said even that was registering as moderate intensity.

So see, I worked out, lol! 😂

Went home and chopped up a deep red plum which looked like it was always in-shadow even in the light (and which I usually mostly plop in my mouth to eat & jettison the pit, lol!) plus a bright yellow banana for both me and Sheila. Rinsed them down with one of my new juice-sauce squeeze packs, this one a sesame blackberry chia thing – very yum!

These squeeze packs are a lot like the ones kids get – though – come to think of it…seems like the age groups, the very young and us old(er) folks, have more & more things very much in common 😊

We ended up watching the semi-finale of SYTYCD, a wonderful dance competition show that we both think veered off track a few seasons & this year was one of the very best, esp in re to having probably the best top four dancers actually going into the finale. Wonderful to watch, inspiring! Stirs the soul with emotion in movement. Must be what the stars feel dancing in the deep of limitless space….

Something I gotta admit I think I get a tiny sense of in those now-rare moments Sheila & I get to move in that way again, like that 1st-in-forever Zumba Gold we did right before the surgery 💕

Now that’s a target worth working my way back to ☺️


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. Glad to hear you are slowly getting stronger each day, smart to not push yourself too much yet! I wish I had some recommendations for you to watch, but we don’t have cable, occasionally we can pick up reruns of Fraiser with our rabbit ear antenna! LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhahaha, loved Fraiser ❤️ Hooked up an old Fire Stick to the older TV in the living room today (had to use my iPhone’s flashlight to see what I was doing, lol!) and once set up went searching on Prime since we have that from Amazon. Found couple of short potentially interesting art videos, two movies set in Paris (one esp looks like w/great scenery) and one of a young Italian boy from Rome to 1st goes to LA then NY to make a go of it. My wife already says she’d like to see that one 😊Beyond that, today was take it easy or have it (my health) taken from me. I took it easy 😊


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