My Day Ahead – Sept 11, 2019

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Today is 9-11.

Most of us around then remember pretty clearly where we were when it all developed, because it was an unfolding of horror and terror, vs literally the shot that shock the nation when I was just starting junior high and my favorite president, John F. Kennedy was murdered. Assassination doesn’t remove the murder. And time has not removed the impact of either loss to our country, but rather exposed what could have been vs what has since transpired.

Unless something significant happens before I post this, I’ll leave it at this.

I can catch up the day as I have been, in the Yesterday section.

I’ll only add, we survived both tragedies….

And we will protect our democracy.

Hope and faith survive….

🇺🇸 💕


As mentioned in yesterday’s My Day Ahead, I slept heavily into the morning, almost past 8:30! Haven’t done that since, hmmm, when I was a teen? 😊

Struggled all morning to “get going.”

I simply ached and felt tired. But in a weird way. I also felt relatively rested. Some part of me was rested and a bunch part of me wasn’t, lol!

The meds I came home with, as the doctors told me (I tried them), won’t relieve the shoulder/neck/upper body pain the anesthesia in my stomach is radiating out. Walking does help. Stretching my arms upward and my body in general also helps. Deep focused breathing helps too, less quickly, but in some ways more lastingly.

And did find a fascinatingly helpful site in general on WP’s app – esp this article via a 79 year old bicycle rider! This guy’s been on the learning curve of aging (and applying it) way more than me – so highly recommend!

But then – as is usually the case – I found/remembered an old fashioned remedy that helped this particular problem, a lot!


Specifically my wife and I’s years-old reliable frozen ice pack standby!

It wrapped from to back overlapping a few inches each direction over each shoulder, one at at a time of course, then I wrapped it behind my neck. First I positioned high, close to the back of my head. After a few minutes I lowered it to cover most of the back of my neck, then repeated the process a little lower, almost resting on my shoulders.


For more than an hour anyway. Good enough!

That I can repeat w/out OD’ing 😊

Worked well enough I walked to the apts’ fitness center and did a very gentle 5 minute stroll on the treadmill, plus the 5+ minute walk to & fro, plus another five minute walk to the package delivery lockers to pick up a new set of oil pastels good enough for both me & the 6 year old! It was getting way too hot to do anymore after that. Besides, I also knew Sheila was fixing lunch!

What a treat from Sheila! ❤️

Soft well cooked multi colored veggie-based pasta noodles tossed with grape tomatoes, baby spinach leaves, bits of red pepper (not the hot kind!), Spanish olives and a light clear sauce. We both added some “rustic” shredded white cheese.

No idea what made the cheese rustic, or pasta noodles were made from veggies, but sure tasted good! 😊

Sheila left to pick up Max at school and bring him back him for a bit before his mom would come by. I stayed home, feeling bad I couldn’t go. Too hot and too much of a drive through the afternoon Austin traffic. Maybe Friday, if we go to his after school chess club, I can go too!

Early Evening, Max Visits
Well, Max & family are having out of state company, so probably won’t get to see him Friday or the weekend – but – he got to spend the night! Taking him to his mom’s in the morning for her to cart him to school. Yes! 💕


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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