Autumn Austin – My Most Viewed Image @FineArtAmerica Week 2 September 2019 😊


My Most Viewed Image at Fine Art America
2nd Week, September 2019

Autumn Austin, has appeared in several posts I’ve been working on, including one originally from 2011!

Completed in 2006, I look back on my painting with a bit of nostalgia.

I was fully committed and happy finding images via my photography in the Austin area and creating impressionist work from them, my favorite style even to today.

Finding (or creating) a space to work on this scale (bigger than 8×10, lol!), with this amt of paint, became much harder after we sold our home and moved into a small apt. It did place us very close to Austin’s Hike & Bike Trail, and from that time period, captured many images I still hope one day to paint.

Plus, perhaps I was too hard on myself too.

Wanting the painting to appear much like it shows now, softer.

The water soluble oils I’ve used for a long time, hold their edges and textural nuances – valleys and blips and tips and slashes – but my style then (no medium, pure paint) made it difficult to smooth out areas I felt too rough, at least without ruining the color effects I wanted, especially those I felt I’d captured.

Time though, took care of that. The paint dried! 💕

It’s an interesting lesson I’ve only recently come to, very much via removing “Autumn Austin” from climate control storage to see and share again.

I don’t know how yet, but I do know this “lesson” will find it’s way into the kinds of experiments I’ve been doing since late last year: palette knife paintings, use of pure marble dust, and a little bit of oil medium.

I invite you to join along in my creative journey 😊

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Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Autumn Austin painting © Felipe Adan Lerma on variety of gifts from Fine Art America - .
Autumn Austin painting © Felipe Adan Lerma A variety of gifts from Fine Art America


Screen shot of my most viewed images at Fine Art America Week 2, Sept ‘19

My Most Viewed Image at Fine Art America Wk 2 09’19 © Felipe Adan Lerma
My Most Viewed Image at Fine Art America Wk 2 09’19 © Felipe Adan Lerma


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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