My Day Ahead – Sept 25, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Woke early again finally, been quite a few days. A little weak but not bad, coffee & a blueberry packet of Mama Chia (super delicious!) via our fav Sprouts here in Austin.

What a treat! Saw this morning I’d gotten two reblogs via Living the Dream, a site run by author CHINA ALEXANDRIA (she comments & posts her name in caps, ok w/me 😊) – one was for “Adan’s Movie Reviews – Late Night & Girl on a Bicycle via Prime Video” (which published yesterday) & Photography Surprises – Tour Bus Night Images in Paris  Make Good Posters. No wonder those two posts were getting such good responses so early in the morning! Yay! 😊

Plus, got confirmation a buyer had completed a purchase of my painting at the currently running U.S. Veterans Art Show at Jerry’s Artarama in north Austin (well, north to us, the news says it’s central Austin, lol!) Sheila & I are gonna brave a trip there Friday evening for the reception (w/fresh bag of HEB chips, very healthy ones, in hand) + deliver a replacement painting for the show, another mid-2000s Barton Springs impressionist Austin work. I don’t even have an image of it ready or up on Fine Art America in my paintings collection – saw my post-breakfast 1st-priority for the day! Not a bad way to wind my way into the day.

Groceries later, after cereal breakfast. Last time I made breakfast I ended up not feeling well most the day. Gonna cut back the quantity & see how it goes

Then back to concentrate on pics for the new painting going to the Vets show & all the other usual stuff.

Til this intense record heat subsides, there’s not much doing outside.

It was nice yesterday, being out in the near Hill Country, w/views & temps 5-10 degrees cooler.

But I’ll be & am very grateful we have AC & so much we can do & watch (new shows on TV) inside – til we can go out again, lol 😂


4pm Recap
(our morning til 4pm)
It was nearly 4pm by the time we’d gone to the dr in nearby Dripping Springs, had lunch there, and drove back, checked mail, had an ice cream, made phone calls, and decided we needed to watch one of the new Fall schedule tv shows that started recording the night before.

And one big surprise, pretty sure I sold my painting at the US Veterans Art Show at Jerry’s Artarama that opens this Friday. I’ll feel confirmed ‘bout it when the buyer picks it up 😊 and then I’ll talk it!

Backtrack Details
(some interesting things)

  • my dr’s Dripping Springs office (as per Google Maps) is 21 miles from our place, and his South First location (which we usually go to) is 6.7 miles away. The trip to the near Hill Country, almost 3 1/2 further away, took only 5 minutes longer, and was “way” more pleasant – open vistas, hills, big ranch entrances, white limestone chimney remnants of a now long vanished home poking high in the air, less traffic, cooler, an drier (important when you’re living in 90+ % humidity 😊).
  • place we ate lunch, Creek Road Cafe, was country wood looking outside, casual elegant inside, super friendly helpful wait staff and makes a homemade soup each day – today? Chicken tortilla soup. One of the best I’ve had! Got plenty full, didn’t overeat, and got quick plentiful water and coffee refills (I get thirsty). Sheila was happy w/hers too. Two dollar signs $$ on the online menu – accurate! 👍
  • drove back an alternate route, part of the way taking the infamously congested Hwy 290, but cutoff before we hit the Y at Oak Hill and (again via Ms Google Maps) took a slanting shoot to the main road near our house, took another tiny off shoot byway, and wallah! Were across the street from on apts on the road we usually turn onto! 5 ⭐️ guidance!
  • the ice cream? Can’t describe how nice that was to have! 🍦 😊
  • at that point realized I hadn’t done anything for any blog post and felt kinda uh-oh guilty, but that’s ok, I know I’ll catch up, ‘cause that’s what I like doing ❤️
  • realized, on the way back from checking the mail, I was feeling a lot better, and would continue to, if I paced….
  • joined Sheila to watch Bluff City Law – I (usually) love Jimmy Smit’s roles; one of the sites/articles I’ve linked to in the above Google search, says – “One of TV’s best loved veterans….” I agree! Btw, I generally use the general Google or Amazon search link unless there’s only one suggested result I really like above the others – rare, but happens!

Wife & I’s post-Bluff City Law (TV) viewing mini-review: a little bit hokey & a little bit rock-n-roll 🎶 Worth seeing again 😊

I could, I decided – after a side-by-side snack w/Sheila (hers very different & spicy 🌶 ) – to spend a chunk of the evening trying to reach 7500+ steps or defer to mine (layman) & Dr Mirkin (real thing) re recovery findings and, weighing that info, not force myself to.

I’d prefer not to not make the 7500 mark.

But, I must recover.

I did do 7500+ steps through June 4th when the gallbladder episodic attacks went from once in awhile to weekly to almost daily. 141 days according my Garmin tracker!

I was beginning a new streak just before the 2nd surgery, and added another mini streak during my post-operative pain-numbed early bounce 😊

History says I did it before, repeated it, and will repeat it again.

Heads I win, tails illness loses – win win for me, lol!

Time for a treat! Cheese & Little Cuties…


Late Evening
(Colbert w/Paul McCartney)
A full show interview w/Paul McCartney – absolutely fabulous! One of the best I’ve seen Colbert do! Keep my wife & I mesmerized. Paul is one of the faces of our growing up – the music is imprinted in us ❤️ 🎼

Paul evidently has much the same interests my wife & I and many of us have and has written a book titled, “Grandude!” Looks adorablegrandparents & grandchildren 💕

We record them on our DVR then watch the ones we like. This was a great one 😊

(new blog post)
Finished details on my review post of two movies, Late Night (Emma Thompson) 5 ⭐️s & Girl on a Bicycle (Paris) 4 ⭐️s


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I do like to point out I pick my selections to showcase from my Amazon searches. May not always be the case, or wholly always the case, but for now, I prefer picking titles and book covers and gift items that just really appeal to me. There’s lots more to choose from, but only have so much room, lol! I hope you enjoy —

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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