Good Morning Bird – My Most Viewed Image @FineArtAmerica Week 3 September 2019 😊


My Most Viewed Image at Fine Art America
3rd Week, September 2019

Where Available
My regular readers (and I guess most anybody stopping, lol!) will have seen this image as the “face” of my My Day Ahead series 😊

I have it available as small prints at the Old Bakery & Emporium, a special gallery here in Austin for area artists 50+ in I believe nearly any medium (if not too big) – and of course in a full range of print sizes at Fine Art America.

Fine Art America is my repository so to speak where all my available images, from paintings to photography are available, including licensing & quite an array of gift items pictured further below 💝

About Good Morning Bird
Good Morning Bird is actually a macro portion of a larger shot taken at Butler Park here in Austin.

For several years, when the weather was cooler and less folks wandering enjoying this sparkle of a park near the Hike & Bike Trail, I’d go down early in the morning to see what I would see, occasionally catching silhouettes against the rising morning sun, or surprising groups of birds feasting on just-mowed grass and seeds, often then using that image for a new blog post later.

And I almost missed this shot altogether!

Like many memorable shots I’ve been literally very fortunate to captured, Morning Birds was a glance-back spotted opportunity as I was heading back home. An online photographer friend, Kirt Tisdale, just posted about this happening with him for his 1st autumn shot of the year. That, btw, an autumn shot, here in Austin, is not only a long-shot, but a hope-it-happens, shot, lol!

I’ll give myself credit for spotting the Good Morning Bird opportunity, but even more I so feel the grace to have had the opportunity 💕


I invite you to join along in my creative journey 😊

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Gift Items Available for Good Morning Bird 😊


Screen shot of my most viewed images at Fine Art America Week 3, Sept ‘19

You might recognize my second most viewed image, Autumn Austin, from last week’s post, where it was the most viewed 😊

It still is clocking in a nice number of views. It’s featured in several of my recent posts and even one from 2011! It’s currently showing in a special U.S. Veterans Art Show at Jerry’s Artarama ❤️

Plus, my 3rd most viewed, Lantanas, a photo of one of my paintings (circa 2006) is brand new and also getting good views.

Lantanas may end up showing in a December show in Austin – we’ll see 😊


Find gifts and prints for all my Fine Art America images here –

If you should like a pointer link to any types of images or image itself, please post in the comments – again thank you so much! 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page –
Fine Art America (FAA) –


    • Thank you, Tina! I use it for My Day Ahead series now, but even before that it was getting really nice views on Fine Art America. I think applying here on my own site has give it that little extra boost. It was totally an almost-missed-shot I stopped & went back for before the sun’d risen too high. Thank u again, I really appreciate it 😊


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