My Day Ahead – Sept 24, 2019

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I’m better than yesterday (see below), just weak, but still able to stretch & twist gently and move about easily. Lot to be grateful for. Good timing to see the dr this morning.

Today, mid-morning, we take a hopefully scenic detour drive-around to my regular doctor’s new one-day-a-week office in Dripping Spring just west of Austin.

Where we lived before, near Lady Bird Lake, our trip to his regular office was ten minutes, and a trip to Dripping Springs 45 minutes to an hour.

Where we are now, in deep south Austin, his regular office is – if all goes well w/traffic – 30 minutes or so, and Dripping Springs is 35 minutes or so.

So we’re taking the scenic back rode routes around the Hwy 290 mess and maybe have lunch out there.

Though the Hill Country itself is still beyond our reach, It’d been our hope, before the summer surgeries, that we’d be able to see a bit more of the near-Hill Country. Maybe now that can start to happen, even if via a Dr visit 😊

The timing is good of course because of yesterday’s unexpected gastro set back.

We knew there’d be some, I’d done so well. laid plans…

Able to have my coffee. That’s gotta be a good sign 😊


(surgery recovery)
I started fine, over slept an hour, but didn’t berate myself. We’re retired, we’re entitled, lol! Prepared our usual breakfast w/oat bran, fruits, nuts, and yogurt. Got just less than my usual breakfast portion, and suddenly felt very full…

…waited a bit to let my food settle, which it did, a little, then ate the rest, but could tell it was going to be a tight fit…

…began to not feel so good, was glad I’d planned on a reblog to go w/maybe my longest My Day Ahead post yet. I’d indulged myself. Covered all areas that came across my mind as part of my usual day – fitness, food, art, blogging, photography, writing, people, plans. Probably more 😊

Went to check my WordPress app and didn’t see the My Day Ahead post.

Went to my iPad, saw it was still scheduled, same time, but pm vs am – posted it.

By now it was late morning and I was starting to bloat. Refrained from my anti-bloat pill to see if I’d clear out, and knew I wasn’t going w/Sheila to cardio at Gold’s Gym. Rested while she was gone, slowly put finishing touches on my Fine Art America post that went up last night – my most viewed image of last week – this series’ very own Morning Bird I use for these daily posts.

Still felt bloated, which walking usually helps, so went out, but temps were already 101 heat index, extremely humid; went to the club house gym and walked the treadmill 20 minutes. Mildly felt better, but had lost that improvement by the time I walked back to the apt in the heat. Sheila got home shortly after & made an extra soft lunch of tuna, noodles, and steamed veggies. Gave myself a very small portion. Thank goodness it at least tasted good! But was again very full, despite the tiny portion. Finally took the bloat pill.

Helped, some. A few burbs, and upper stomach flattened back an inch, but held the rest of its morning rise & roundness. Like someone’d inflated a half moon in me, lol.

By four, I was slightly better & the 6 year old and his momma came over to swim.

Sheila went w/them, asked her to call me when they were heading back so I could see them. Rested meanwhile.

I guess, no, I know – I’d begun to assume I’d avoided the 1st surgery’s pattern of a two week quick rapid improvement shortly after the procedure, only to really go down in energy and focus for a good while, slowly improving over the following 6 weeks, when I’d begun to really feel strong again right before the 2nd surgery.

So I know that pattern. But didn’t want to repeat it.

Maybe I still won’t, completely.

I’m hoping… 🙏


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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