My Day Ahead – Oct 11, 2019

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This morning everything depends on the weather!

From 99 yesterday with a heat index of 106, to 50s today w/high chilly wind.

And if the rain’s still pouring at 8, I’ll go w/Sheila for her dr appt, otherwise I’ll stay back. Then off to Buda for lunch w/the youngest girl and the 6 year old who’s off school today (Columbus Day extended school holiday maybe?), then back home w/Max for a night over 😊 Should be an interesting day ❤️


(surgery recovery, balance exercises)
Very tired after SilverSneakers Yoga yesterday at Gold’s Gym with Sheila.

It was my 1st Yoga class since before my 2nd surgery, and followed on Wed’s strong strength workout at The Y, the latter of which also measured pretty strongly in intensity as per my Garmin tracker. I’m learning to pay attention to that.

My SilverSneakers Yoga class with Shelagh was my 1st since August 23rd, about two weeks before my surgery, and that class was my only followup since my 1st class w/Shelagh doing yoga since June 15th, less than two weeks before my emergency gallbladder surgery.

In the very 1st class, in June, before the 1st surgery, balance wasn’t even an issue.

In the 2nd class, after the 1st surgery, it was, but felt routinely doable, meaning I could feel and recognize what it’d take to get my balance back to what I was used to.

Yesterday, that was not the case.

What was different?

Well, the 1st surgery also involved putting holes in my stomach, certainly preferable to slicing through my abdominal muscles like in the old days, but the holes were more to one side, other than the one below the belly button, so my front core muscles more mostly left intact.

With the 2nd surgery, many more holes were made through my core, across the front plane, and below the sternum. Eight holes from 2 operations.

And I very much felt the impact during yoga on even simple balance routines.

Plus I didn’t feel my core engage as readily as the 1st follow up class.

Where I recognized my body reactivating my core.

I am going to need a very intense dedication to retraining my muscles‘ healing and learning anew how to handle my balance. I don’t have total loss of balance. I just don’t have the strength or muscle memory I’ve had for decades that let me do airplane and play with tree as if in shifting breezes.

And I felt that in class. And I felt that all day – the toll of the intensity of exertion to maintain balance.

So everyday now, back to basics. The core.

The quality of my everyday life going forward depends on it.

Starting with a simple leg lift. Go to past 15 seconds without having to tap the floor with my toe. Get to 30 seconds. Get to one minute. On each side. Breathing easy. Able to shuffle my foot and play footsie with the floor.

I recognize I’m lucky I have that option.

And I am grateful….

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • Thanks, Tiffany, I need the encouragement; I hadn’t expected, since my strength work & walking were going so well, that balance would, ironically, be what wobbled my efforts 🙂 But 8 holes through my core, I shoulda been more realistic; no choice but to take my time on this. Love “must” be the core, ‘cause can’t hurry love either 😊


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