Adan’s Movie Reviews – Late Night & Girl on a Bicycle via Prime Video

Girl on a Bicycle, Paris Movie
Girl on a Bicycle, Paris Movie


A Little Background

From the time we met, Sheila & I loved seeing movies. Most of course had to be seen in the theatre, at the movies, without surround sound, lol!

We still do – Netflix, Amazon Prime, any number of TV channels, cable, DVD (at one time), and the old time movie house theatre, when it seems worth paying the $$$ & the experience promised being worth seeing “on the big screen!”

I actually wrote movie reviews in college, one of my first, after return to college after leaving the Air Force, was Car Wash w/Richard Pryor. I wish I still had it! Titled it, “A Sudsy Cleansing for the Blues” 😊

Anyway, one of the good things ‘bout getting more serious ‘bout my blog is realizing how nice it’d be if all those reviews I have now, since 2011, here on this blog, were at least tagged! Like DVD Reviews, TV Reviews, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews.

Sounds like a job for Superman, uh, no, me, lol!

I’ll see what I can do ‘bout those tags!

About My Reviews

In general, I don’t do negative reviews.

Generally, I think it’s more productive to steer folks toward stuff I like or thought was really good (sometimes that’s the same thing, sometimes not quite 😊)

I do often say what might/could be better, or I’d rather’ve seen or experienced, but in the context of why I liked the movie or TV show enough to want to do a review at all.

Thanks everyone – Adan

Late Night – 5 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – has a preview clip

I’m posting an excerpt from the beginning of my review for Late Night I posted on Amazon w/a link to the rest.

The movie began ok, thought to myself (via the trailer) at least Lithgow’s in it 😊 , felt glad Emma Thompson had gotten a visible role at least, and settled down to watch a mildly entertaining movie w/my wife. Then slowly, through the cliches and quick verbal retorts, began to see a sly slide upward….

Additional commentary not in the review:
Bottom line, as per the 5 stars, both Sheila and I thought very highly of Late Night.

Have we seen better? A few. But this was exceptionally enjoyable!

4 5/8ths still rounds to 5 😊


Girl on a Bicycle – 4 Stars! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ – has a preview clip

This review, I’m writing here 1st, then adapting to Amazon. Once I have a link I’ll add it to this post 😊

I love Paris! So it’s hard for me to not like most anything set in this wonderful city, and Girl on a Bicycle doesn’t disappoint! It’s a near solid 4 star at 3 7/8 for me, with a slight initial unevenness, but with more intrigue and interest than simply fall-away dull spots, which were more like vignettes which hadn’t quite gotten enough thread for me to see how they’d tie together yet. And some circumstances seems a bit unlikely, on the attraction level between the actors, but that got tested in interesting ways later and resolved in ways I didn’t anticipate. And that’s where the quirky beats slowly gathered into a rhythm, added a stronger beat, and began to dance, esp when the two small children were introduced, and how they fit into the story line. Add in characters in accents from France, England, Germany, Italy, and – can’t remember, America? – plus snippets of scenes set in Germany, Italy, and Paris, and wallah! The plain meal suddenly began to sparkle. Lightly. Pleasantly. Enjoyably. And the ending on the plane made the sauce! ❤️

There’s even an R version of this, but no idea how different, etc. But here’s the link 😊 .

So, some folks won’t care for it. Too flimsy, cutesy, (seemingly) predictable.

But we liked it 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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