Review – TV – Blacklist Season 06 Episode 20

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  • Disclaimer – I’ve been writing reviews about shows on TV, movies, books, and live performances since I wrote, “A Sudsy Cleansing For the Blues” about the movie, Car Wash back in the mid 70s while at the University of Houston Downtown…so don’t take me too seriously, but definitely count me interested, it’s the arts after all 


My first review of Blacklist, one of mine and my wife’s fav TV shows, was over three years ago, after the premiere of Season 3 when folks were openly wondering if the show had run of gas 🙂

Obviously it hasn’t. More importantly, the momentum resurgence that season has, more or less, been pretty well kept up I believe.

And even more importantly, the moral fiber of the series has begun to overtly assert itself. “Love wins,” Liz (Agent Keen) tells Red.

For those not up to date with the top line serial criminal thread this season I hopefully won’t lay out any spoilers.

I leave it be to say I think this action-packed twists per minute thriller has convincingly laid out the moral dilemmas — even amid the “current” revelations – because who knows what’ll really come out next! — AND postulated and demonstrated (again, so far) a path forward for politics and business and tech in our country today – when one is committed and vested in other human beings’ welfare, much becomes possible that once was thought otherwise.

And, in fairness, this is not a new problem. Our country’s dilemmas are different only in detail from those written and known about even back in early Roman times. The historical script has been (best I can understand it) a Hegelian spiral of progress by repetition .

On reflection, the answer, it seems, is amazingly similar now to then.

And if none of this matters for you, Blacklist is still a great action thriller of a series, with cutting edge bad guys, no less! And a head’s up, only two episodes left this season! 🙂


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