Sold Two More of My Paintings At Jerry’s Artarama U.S. Veterans Art Reception in Austin! ❤️ 🇺🇸

Adan & grandson at Jerry’s Artarama 2019 U.S. Veteran’s Art Show Reception w/his two replacement paintings that sold that night
At Jerry’s Artarama 2019 U.S. Veteran’s Art Show Reception

Two More Paintings Sold!
At Jerry’s Artarama Art Show for U.S. Veterans

Thanks to promoter & fellow veteran, Robb McKenzie, I was able to bring a new painting, Barton Springs Autumn Austin, to replace the one that sold last week before the art reception.

The buyer had also indicated an interest in, Pedestrian Bridge Autumn Austin, which he had seen on my artist site @FineArtAmerica, so Sheila and I with Max in tow (after a chocolate-strawberry smoothie pit stop 😊), brought that work along too!


Show is Sept 16 thru November 03, 2019 😊

U.S. Veterans Art Show Flyer 2019 at Jerrys Artarama Austin Texas - for more info call 512.842.4639 .
U.S. Veterans Art Show 2019 at Jerrys Artarama Austin Texas


Gift Items Available for –
Autumn Colors Pedestrian Bridge & Barton Springs Autumn Austin 😊

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If you should like a pointer link to any types of images or image itself, please post in the comments – again thank you so much! 😊


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. […] am saying I really like seeing, and creating, this kind of mix in art work, especially mine!Some of my very best oils, from the 2000s, very impressionistic, carried this quality. Back then, I thought it a failing. I didn’t have enough […]

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  2. […] and books of the Impressionist artists, French & American, male and female!And it’s been especially gratifying to see some of my own impressionist art sell recently. I’ll also hopefully be hanging more samples from my 2000s string of years painting […]

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    • Thank you, Ashley! 😊 I wouldn’t worry about comparing too much, lol, the ones I sold, I told the couple, when I’d painted them, in the early 2000s, I hadn’t liked much how they’d come out, but time had done to the paint (water soluble oils) what I’d felt was missing, just the slightest smoothing of the overlapping layers, and I realized, telling them about my work then, that must also be part of why I liked yet puzzled over the impressionist works I’d see at museums – how did they get that effect!? Time 😊

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        • It’s a weird thing, I’d known (theoretically at least) that as a painting cures and the paint dry, there has to be some leveling, but it’s so subtle and gradual over time, it’s hard to realize for a long time what’s happened. Then the layers seem to have been melded to start with, when in fact, the surface had looked much more textured. Hate to lose the texture somewhat, but what was gained was that indescribable sensation of seeing something almost alive it’s so melded. Yeah, took me explaining about my painting I’d done 15 years prior, after not seeing some of them for a decade, to kinda realize some of this! 😊


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