My Day Ahead – Oct 09, 2019

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Early morning sleepy wake-up to get to The Y in time for Zumba Gold, at least for Sheila. I’ll walk the track 😊 Though I feel I’m getting closer to trying that cardio hurdle soon! Then to Central Market for a taco breakfast reward, fresh coffee, and a light shopping of Cabot white cheddar for me & NY liverwurst for Sheila!

The rest of the day? Besides the inevitable return of mid to upper 90s for at least 2 days? Maybe the 6 year old for an afternoon to evening visit.

That, would be an early Halloween 👻 treat 😊


What a wonderfully languid lazy day Sheila & I enjoyed.

Neither of us went to an official exercise class, but the remnant of our autumn probe into Texas was nice enough we had our 7500+ steps before 6pm! Not bad at all 😊

I had all sorts of good intentions of things to do besides walk back and forth throughout the day with Sheila in dappled light along paths with flowers glad to smile as we passed by, lol! Squirrels were out into the belly of the day hunting anything close to looking like a nut or seed treat left out for them, and birds chirped like family who hadn’t had a chance to visit in so long everybody was talking at once! 💕

And I did get a few “other” things done —

I did call and ask about the BPM of the music. No one could say exactly if any actual music matched up slower than its original, but rep did say that each type of class had its own beats per minute range, and that way folks could gauge which might be best for them. A lot work seems to have gone into that, w/specific playlists etc, plus it’s allowed the program to expand its beats ranges into new classes I haven’t even seen yet, like 3 different kind of Boom classes! And ya’ll have probably read some of my posts about going to SilverSneakers classes – they’re fun and vital to the senior community.

What hasn’t changed is the instructors’ attention to the participants who may need modifications. And the lack of high impact movements on bones and joints that’ve already seen their share of bumps and bruises, lol! And, the knowledge of senior specific trends re blood pressure, reduced mobility, and the high need for balance and strength work.

Plus, as a member, I asked where I could get one of the SilverSneaker light-weight balls that are easy to grasp and toss and catch (to supplement the ones I already have), and turns out, as a member, once a year, I can receive one free kit, ranging from an elastic band to, yes, that same ball I’ve been looking for!

Yep! Arriving in a few weeks! 😊

And, in exploring what other places nearby have SilverSneakers classes we might want to try out, we found Corazon Latino Dance Studio! With Zumba Gold!

When Sheila & I qualified as Zumba & Zumba Gold instructors, back in 2010, I still remember thinking, I do not like the Gold classes! Too slow! Now – ha! Let’s say I’ve grown into them, lol! 😂 💃

The other big thing I managed to get done, in between outings into the almost forgotten world of Austin’s autumn 🍂 was upload a better, ie, higher resolution file for my next Adan’s Images post, one for San Antonio Riverwalk .

(transferring old files to an iPad Pro)
Now when I say “old” I mean a digital file on a 2005 laptop I’ve had refurbished and still works but no longer speaks much of the same tech language of today 😊

My original image for upload to Fine Art America was good, but I remember I’d wanted to get that image up and was already using my brand new iPad Pro because much of what was needed to operate in 2016’s digital world was painful for my old laptop. I’d transferred, over a long process, though hurriedly, lest my laptop died again, everything I could and everything I felt I needed to get going again online.

So the image I had for San Antonio Riverwalk was good, but small. Detail and nuance was lost if printed beyond a certain point, so only prints to a certain size could be made available by Fine Art America for the image of my painting without smearing the image into pixelation.

Now, with today’s upload, one can buy a print in size in up to nearly 32×48 inches of archival reproduction! That’s very nice!

But, to get to that point proved a bugaboo, or boo-gaboo for Halloween, lol!

Operating systems have changed again since my last transfer from my old laptop, but I was determined to give it a good try: tediously signing into iCloud on the old laptop, which will share what it takes in with my newer devices but not get signed into with the same ease; followed by getting 2-step authentication approval via my phone, then trying to place the code into the sometimes-shows-up box on the old lap top – which, after 1/2 doz attempts, decided to play groundhog and stayed hidden!

So, I thought, I can take my laptop to the Apple Store and see if they can transfer this one file, please!

Or, place the file on a thumb drive, if I could find one (some things are still “lost” after the move) and take it a computer store and see if they could find a way to connect to my iPad for transfer.

Or, log into a public computer with my thumb drive, sign into my cloud and email and, no, and that’s as far as I got with that thought 😊 Not the kind of information I wanted to leave on a public computer!

Or, or, maybe, if I could find a thumb drive (I used to have handfuls of them!), and, if I could find the adapter I used to use to transfer files from my old compact camera to my new iPad (the former not having WiFi like my new Canon compact has), and, if all the connecting pieces were compatible, try to transfer my one file into my iPad Pro.

Whew! I was tired already!

I wanted to go for another walk. Eat an ice cream. Watch the Rookie on TV!

I searched a random box or two for the adapter. I looked in a basket full of keys and rubber bands and a lucky penny, and found a thumb drive. I held it in my hand. It’d do. Then looked in a drawer full of allergy med refills and old envelopes and part of a cord to something, and found the adapter.

I must have thought to place things I might need in places I might look 😊

I hooked up the adapter to my iPad Pro, plugged the thumb drive into the adapter, and got a msg: device requires too much power. Hmmmm.

I remembered getting that msg when I’d had to transfer photos from the old camera.

What’d I do, what’d I do? Something had worked or I’d never‘ve gotten any pics into the new iPad…ahhh. Adapter needed more power. I unhooked a cord from an extension plug nearby and inserted my adapter into it.

The thumb drive started to flow with an orange light, on and off, like a just discovered space relic in a deep cave in an Indiana Jones movie! 😊 Almost as scary and almost as much fun at this point, lol!

I looked on my iPad’s screen. Nothing. I swiped screen to screen. Nothing.


I check in Settings. Searched for hints about “device.” Nothing.

Looked in photos. All photos, recent photos. I checked all the folders listed.

Nothing. Hmmmm.

Sheila gave me a look, said, “Maybe it won’t work.”

I shook my head. And I knew once she said that, I was bound to figure it out 😊

Hmmmm. The thumb drive was a “drive” not a device. I went to my files folder, where DropBox and Google Drive and my Amazon Drive and probably an old drive-in movie theatre was hidden, and found it! I held my breath, and clicked on the file icon for the thumb drive and wallah!

All sorts of forgotten goodies in the old drive revealed themselves!

I copied the image file to save image. I copied it to DropBox. Hesitantly, pressing the image file with my finger on my iPad screen, I felt it move, and I copy-save-moved it to my Paintings folder in iCloud.

Then the test. I clicked the newly saved file in Paintings, and a beautiful new 20+ mb file of San Antonio Riverwalk appeared in Retina color beauty on my iPad Pro.

Yes! I made a few backup copy placements, imported the image into my Affinity Photo app, and went for a walk w/Sheila. It was still nice. Nicer even 😊

We were back into our few days a year of fairytale weather.

Ahhhhh 💕


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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