Adan’s Fine Art America Images # 3 – San Antonio Riverwalk, Painting circa 2003

About my “Adan’s Images” Series

I’ve struggled for quite awhile to come up with a means or routine that’d let me present my work, especially all the photos and paintings I’ve uploaded @FineArtAmerica (FAA) since early 2016.

We’ll see how this works out, lol 😊

 Starting with my oldest work I’d uploaded onto FAA, I‘ll be progressing through each image. Some images, like my 1st to be presented this way, Austin at Night, have variations. Sometimes a poster version or a vertical, a crop or macro, or even a digital or painting version.

When that’s the case I’ll present them all together. They’re parts or whole of the same image.

When the image is available as a whole, photo or painting, but is used as the background for a gift writing, like Step Mom, I’ll present the gift writing on its own, but link to it from the image’s presentation.

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Any image I am offering at Fine Art America is available from me directly, and sometimes other outlets, as a 12×18 poster in a quality format, and is “usually” open for customization as an option for an extra charge. You can contact me at – .

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Thanks so much! – Adan

About – San Antonio Riverwalk

An older but updated post of mine from 2011 about my painting San Antonio Riverwalk, with commentary from both 2008 & 2011, in part says –

“this is of mid morning in early april or so, a wonderful time of day in south central texas, warm sunny but not yet hot – the air is fragrant from the myriad of flowers and blooming trees and shrubs, the day is still waking on the riverwalk….”

I’m not sure I’ve come up with a better description of that mid morning walk since 😊

It was 2007, and only a few years since I’d painted it. I wasn’t sure about the date until I looked at the picture’s metadata. Evidently shot this with a prior Canon PowerShot compact! My new Canon compact may be better, but not bad for 12 years ago!

Sheila at Javits Center NYC 2007 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Sheila at Javits Center NYC 2007 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

A friend I’d worked with in Austin who by then had moved to California bought this from me when I showed it in New York at the Javits Center. I actually UPS’d it to her from NY, also a nice memory ❤️

The art venue at the time has since moved to one of the piers nearby, but the location then was a real treat for Sheila & myself. We could walk almost everywhere and stayed in nearby Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. We felt very daring being there, though the area had already significantly changed for the better, lol!

For many years, the only prints I had were of San Antonio Riverwalk and Austin at Night. A lot has changed in ten+ years in terms of what prints I can offer, but even better are the memories we have of those earlier days & trips 😊

My Updated 2011 Blog Post Where “San Antonio Riverwalk” is Featured

adan’s original paintings # 3 – “San Antonio Riverwalk” – includes commentary written in 2008 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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    • You’re very welcome, Deborah! So glad you stopped by, come by anytime! There’s a lot of imagery, photos & paintings, fitness stuff, mostly fine-tuned for seniors, but rarely not applicable to younger folks 😊


      • Thank you, Adan. I saw a lot to like in San Antonio. There were a couple of different neighborhoods across North Central that I really liked. However, I eventually opted for a much, much smaller city, and chose Alamogordo, NM. A small town with “city” infrastructure. I’m content. 🙂

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        • SA is a very big sprawling city, ie, lots of traveling & traffic, unless you’d been very central, like by the Riverwalk; but the little I’ve seen of NM was wonderful! And the people, I got the impression, are very similar, friendly, down to earth 😊

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